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    One doesn't follow the other. Studying for and becoming a qualified bridge officer doesn't mean that Deanna is competent to operation all the consoles, at all the bridge stations.

    She tested to be a commander not a systems operator. She like didn't know how to handle ops either.

    It was more a case of she was the only person on the bridge who wasn't critical where they already were. Riker was hoping that Deanna was intelligent enough to rapidly figure out the basic helm controls.

    This is similar to the time Captain Kirk ordered Yeoman Rand to take the helm, she was simply standing there.

    Riker ordered Deanna to get the ship out of orbit, but when we see the ship's exterior again, it is still executing the turn the previous helmsman initiated. Deanna wasn't yet in control, because the ship was still turning and hadn't begun to leave orbit.

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    I disagree with that. I think one does indeed follow the other. As a bridge officer, one should be required to know how to operate every console on the bridge in an emergency, including helm, ops, & tactical. Now, you can still have dedicated specialists for those stations, but cross-training of bridge personnel does make perfect sense for emergency situations when one can't wait for someone from below decks to arrive.
    That's actually what I said earlier.
    I don't think it was a case of Riker hoping, but that he knew she was. He was there when she took and passed the bridge officer's exam.
    It just means that the ship didn't start to leave orbit until after Troi took over the helm. Earlier, the ship was still in orbit of Veridian III trying to find a way to beam Picard back.
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    We've only seen Troi fly two times, once flying the saucer section towards a crash landing, and another time when she flew a collision course to the Reman Scimitar. I understand the irony of both flights, but overall the second time was harder because the target was smaller. As others have said, she likely knew how to fly based on her commander's exam. Case in point, Bevery was a bridge officer and we've seen her navigate a shuttle into the corona of a star.
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    I agree that it seems an onscreen precedent as well - Deanna was already a bridge officer, she was training to take a shift in the big chair - and for that, competence in all bridge functions is needed. Picard, Riker, Data, Geordi, Worf, Sisko, Kirk, Spock, Scotty, name one officer who sat in the big chair and wasn't able to operate a starship practically solo...
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    Well you had a few seconds before the core breached, you could have remote piloted the star drive section into warp even a second or two at warp 1 would have got the stardrive section clear. Or you could have engageed full reverse impulse on the stardrive to get greater seperation.

    But it should have been a curb stomb battle in favour of the Ent-D, a few full volleys of Photon torpedeos and firing all it's phasers should have easily beaten a BoP.
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    Assuming that after the initial damage the ship was capable of dishing that up.

    Riker ordered Worf to fire a "spread" of torpedoes when the BOP's shields dropped, only one was fired, possibly because that was all the Enterprise could fire by that point in the battle.

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    As much as I love Marina Sirtis, I thought Deanna Troi was about the most useless character on the show. I don't know why Picard had a counselor on the bridge. Other than her ability to sense thoughts, she was useless.

    Deanna: "Captain I'm sensing a deception from them."

    Any experienced commander could have read someone's intentions. Besides it was always too late when she told him that, they would fire on the Enterprise right after. Why would any Captain let the fucking psychologist command your ship? or Fly it for that matter.
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    Actually, I seem to remember the Enterprise D blowing up the BOP, easily, once it could return fire.

    It was Geordi who had been captured and telegraphed the shield modulation info through his VISOR. Why they let Geordi back into engineering without thoroughly checking his visor for being hacked, or even just destroying it in the first place and giving him either a new one, or artificial eyes is the real issue. Not Troi's piloting ability.
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    That's all on Beverly Crusher. Damn woman!:devil:
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    I'd have thought the answer to that one is obvious:


    "Captain, focus on your computer screen. No captain, your computer screen. Not my boobies. Focus on the screen."
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    Troi was so fine. she could do no wrong.
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    I preferred when Troi got chewed out by Ronny Cox and started to wear her duty uniform permanently. You're the ship's counselor for God sakes, put your boobs away and do your job.

    I was listening to the commentary on one of the Blu-Rays for the Next Gen films and Marina Sirtis & Jonathan Frakes actually joke about "woman drivers" and Troi crashing the ship both times she pilots.
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    I know we weren't supposed to cheer for the temporary captain, but I found his stick-to-the-rules attitude refreshing.