DC Nation pulled from schedule!

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    If Stephanie Brown had anything to do - anything - with the end of Young Justice or DC not backing it while CN plays their little games, that's incredibly damned petty, because she got maybe 10 seconds of screentime... and and it's not as if you could even tell she was anybody special!

    Sure, given that it's Weisman that might've been the "seed" that would eventually be developed into something more, but it'd be easy enough to just tell him "no." Hopefully that's just conspiracy-theory stuff.

    Anyway, saw Before the Dawn, excellent stuff. Sucks that we're left on something of a cliffhanger for... who knows how long.

    The identity of the Partner/Competitor as the Reach was no great surprise, but I didn't really know much of anything about them. The fight with Black Beetle was really well done - though I do wonder about why Shimmer was so quickly willing to work with Black Beetle, wasn't she in one of those pods? Oh well, villain.

    Hopefully Miss M has the sense to keep Kaldur and Artemis' secret, but it should be an... interesting... conversation she has with Dick and Wally. We'll probably have confirmation that he's not in fact a triple agent, but who knows how long he'll be down. Maybe this'll be what spurs M'Gann to reconsider the brutal way she uses her powers?

    Somehow I was expecting to see immediate fallout from the Mount Justice explosion, but maybe that'll come later.

    Bring on the next one!.... oh, right.
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    Sorry, I should have been more clear there, I was only joking. I doubt that actually had anything to do with it.