Day of the Dove (unresolved ending)

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    I was thinking the same thing.
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    So, we're going to call it the *? Works for me!
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    May 24, 2009
    Is it the *, or just *? And what's the pronunciation?
  4. Marsden

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    The entity formally known as prince?

    It probably sounds a lot like Spock's first name.
  5. Spock's Barber

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    I think that the alien entity left the Enterprise and headed straight to Earth, where it's been creating havoc ever since.:eek:
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    Or then it did only one of those things.

    By messing with the minds of the heroes and sidekicks, * could make them think the walls were impermeable and the doors did not open. 90% of the crew would take a long nap, thinking it was time for one, while 10% would be convinced the 90% were trapped and pleading for help.

    As said, the entity achieved remarkable things, such as death and instantaneous recovery. Two ways to view that: too unlikely to be real, so it was an illusion, too - or such a remarkable feat that the door-jammings and the like would be a breeze in comparison.

    The episode works either way: when the creature does leave, the camera never looks back to reveal whether Kirk and Kang had their swords turn back into phasers, or perhaps even found themselves sitting safely in their respective cabins, waking up from a nasty daydream.

    Timo Saloniemi
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    I'd say it came from earth after many thousands of years of nourishing itself on our hatreds and killings and went out into space to find some hatreds that still existed! Kirk himself says to it that he knows it has created trouble in the past but we'll be keeping a look out for it in the future!