Dark Reflections: An Alternate Mirror Universe

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    I am working on an alternate MU setting, I am calling dark reflections. I will be using and updating this page as I add more data. But just what is Dark Reflections? It is my take on the terran empire, without over worrying about canon that has been limited by the technology of the era in which the show was filmed.I will be reworking thing more inline with my current views, I see no canon out of bounds to bend or rework as it fits my version.

    Now two things fueled the seed behind this little thought exercise of mine. One was stumbling across the deviantart page of Sean Tourangeau. He has a fantastic series of his own MU setting, not sure if I am allowed to link his page, but Google it and check it out. The second was stumbling across a well used and abused copy of "Though a Glass Darkly" a supplement from the Decipher Star trek RPG. while I do not agree with everything in that book, it acted in many ways as the seed and base of much of my own take on the MU.

    Base concept

    Just as the Primary star trek universe has countless quantum reality, so too does its Dark reflection, the Mirror Universe. In this reality things happened very differently than in the Primary trek reality. The History of Terra is familiar, yet vastly different than our own or that of the Primary Universe in which Star Trek is set.Here the Roman Empire never fell, but expanded and evolved. On this Terra, Europe was ruled by a single empire, wars of expansion were waged across Asia and the New territories labored forever under the thumb of the ever present Empire. On This Terra,no Eugenics wars were fought, no apocalyptic ‘world war III”. In fact, no world wars as you know them were fought, only endless bouts of resistance, conquest and expansion.

    First Contact did not find a rebuilding people, but an Empire with control of its own systems planets,Colonies on Luna,Mars and some asteroids and plans to send slower than light probes far from the Sphere of Man’s Influence.The dawn of the 22nd century in this reality, Gazed upon an Empire with far more technology and power than Humanity in the Primary reality and the ambition , desire and drive to use it. This reality is one never polluted by a crossover from any primary quantum reality. here nothing stalled the Empires ambition, here the Empire never fell. Here, in this reflection the Terran Empire expanded and it thrived.

    The Dark Reflections reality is not a simple one note or cartoony “evil” version of Star trek. While Evil is prevalent, it is not the driving force of the Dark Reflections reality, it is a side effect of the reality. This is a reality of Robber Barons, of the wealthy and the powerful, a harsh reflection of corruption, ambition and greed of capitalism unchecked and the power of wealth and influence. In This Reflection senators and the wealthy elite use the common man as little more than replaceable things to further their own goals. Laws are suggestions to the wealthy and the elite, ones that can often be ignored if one has friends in high places and money. Here the wealthy and members of the Imperial Senate plot and backstab each other, and yes plan deaths to those who oppose them. However a those in power are always sure to keep his hands clean and out of the execution chambers, after all, one can always find more lackies and minions.

    The Imperial starfleet is a military organization. There are no skimpy outfits,there is no "ignoring" the chain of command and one does not simply remove ones commander to get promoted. Killing a superior officer gets one a very slow death in an Agonizer booth,in some cases even an implication of plotting the harm of another fleet crewman can get the offender spaced. This does not mean that plots and intrigue do not run rampant through the fleet. Alliances,contacts and influence are still very important in the fleet. It is simply that outright murder and sabotage are not something that is ever tolerated,they do happen sometimes but a painful days long death awaits anyone caught or maybe just suspected

    These are my basic thoughts to my Dark Reflection MU. I will be updating this thread as I add or rework details.