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    Hi everyone,

    I few years back, I had requested a series of custom uniforms, which a member on this board kindly provided.

    I hope it's okay to request an update of those uniforms, mostly to include a 'mess dress' variant.


    1. Mess Dress variant:
    -Nemesis dress jacket; gold trim following the edge of the shoulder-bar, and gold trim along the open inner line like it was in Nemesis. Cuffs have rank braids (1 for ensign 1 regular and 1 thin for Lt JG, etc; 1 thick braid and 1 regular for Commodore, 1 and 2 for Rear Admiral, etc), and above, a stripe of department color with years of service on left (wearer's left) cuff; on right, department insignia pin (medical, science, intelligence, security, tactical, etc); mini medals under the comm badge, and ribbons on the right.
    -Nemesis dress tunic; white for officers; gray for enlisted personnel; rounded TNG-style collar with department-color piping; visible zipper
    -White pants with department color stripe down either side, with gold trim outside it (silver for enlisted); female variant has a skirt with thigh-high white boots.
    -White gloves are worn by men and women
    -Dress black (black tie equivalent) is black books, black pants/skirt, black jacket, white tunic.
    -Silver trim instead of gold for enlisted personnel (would that look better)?

    2. Full Dress variant:
    -Same as this uniform, but with mini-medals under the comm badge, and ribbons without medals on the wearer's right
    -Combination Cover (male, female) (when outside) with the Starfleet logo in gold (officer) or silver (enlisted) (olive wreath surrounding the command emblem); (should this be department color for each department?)
    -Skirt option for female officers, black.
    -pants have department color piping along outer legs, with gold trim outside that; skirts have the same.
    -belt has starfleet emblem buckle rather than simple arrowhead.

    3. Dress variant:
    -Same as this uniform, but with ribbons underneath the comm badge; (female variant)
    -female officers have a skirt option.
    -pants have department color piping along outer legs, with gold trim outside that; skirts have the same.
    -belt has starfleet emblem buckle instead of simple arrowhead.

    4. Boatcloak:
    -Worn over full dress uniforms in cold weather; rain repellant coating, gold mini starfleet commbadge-style emblems on either side of the collar as insignia. Extends to 2 inches below kneecap
    -Male: gold braid for officers, silver for enlisted; inner lining is department color
    -Female: same as male, essentially.

    5. All Weather Cloak:
    -same as this uniform, no black cuffs, extends to 2 inches below kneecap; rain-proof, water-repellent; the seam is not center, but runs to the wearer's right collar
    -all black with shoulder-bar department-color piping; or would department color with black shoulder-bar piping look better?
    -has bent-over collar to cover neck in heavier weather conditions, with gold/silver starfleet commbadge-style emblems sewn on.
    -has pockets for hands
    -5 gold/silver officer/enlisted buttons with starfleet emblems on the buttons
    -belt has arrowhead buckle facing the wearer's left
    -epaulets have gold/silver starfleet commbadge-style pins on both sides, facing outward (the point facing inward)
    -male and female variants

    simple pencil drawings of the above

    If someone who is a much more talented digital artist than I am were able to create these drawings, I would be very grateful and thankful.