Cumberbatch Eager To See Final Cut

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    Although he knows much more about Star Trek into Darkness than the fans know, Benedict Cumberbatch is as eager as the fans to see the finished version of the film. Cumberbatch also had high praise for J.J. Abrams, saying that the director was a “lovely human being and just super talented, ridiculously talented.” “He’s not [...]

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    Cumberbatch - "I can't wait to find out who my character really is too!"
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    Interesting. Makes one wonder whether or not even Cumberbatch knows who John Harrison really is. I wonder if they filmed multiple "endings" that unveil his identity, to dilute the potential for secrecy leaks. Sort of in the same way there were several different versions of the "No, Luke, *I* am your father!" scene from Empire Strikes Back (one version of the script had Vader saying "No, Luke: Obi-Wan killed your father."... which I suppose retroactively would be sort of true).
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    more likely that when they film out of order and you aren't there on the days you aren't in the scene, and the special effects aren't in place it's harder to get a sense of what the finished product will be.
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    Also, AFAIK they didn't film different versions of the TESB scene, it's just that Prowse had no idea what his character would later end up saying.
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    He's David Marcus travelled back in time for revenge on Kirk (and Starfleet) for being a neglectful father.

    You heard it here first.
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    He can bring the dead (or nearly so) back to life.
    He is a one-man weapon of mass destruction.
    We've been promised masses of detonations (detonating the fleet).

    Who in Trek canon fits the above conditions/descriptors?

    Lazarus, naturally.

    Lazarus was capable of detonating two universes (what's a fleet compared to that?).
    As such, Lazarus was the only "one-man weapon of mass destruction" encountered in canonical Trek.
    Lazarus rose from the dead (whose to say he's not the same one from ancient times, eh, eh?).

    It's not Mitchell, it's not Trelane, it's not Garth, it's not the Talosians, it's not Harry Mudd, it's not Cyrano Jones and it's certainly NOT Khan. ;)

    It's Lazarus. You heard it here, folks. :lol:
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    Cumberbatch promises that fans will enjoy Star Trek into Darkness. “It’s a rollicking summer film which has heart and soul, and a depth to detail that will keep you glued to your seat and caring about the thrills and spills on the Imax 3D experience,” he promised.

    Jeez, could he sound any more coached? I picture him reading that off a card. :D
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    But when he reads it, it is entirely compelling. Doesn't sound scripted at all. :lol:
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    He should do a spoken-word tour:

    "Aaronson, Andrew A. 14 Bellview Terrace, 555-619-341"

    [Collective sigh from the audience]

    "Aaronson, Bernice. 32 Cedarwood Grove, 555-117-843"

    [Standing ovation]