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Discussion in 'Star Trek: Voyager' started by Six of Twelve, Dec 7, 2017.

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    What do you think might have happened after Voyager retrieved the Doctor?

    Did they just turn Gar loose or did they turn him over to some planet that might have had a warrant out for him?

    Did the hospital ship just return to business as usual and, if so, do you think Dr Dysik and Dr Voge get punished for helping the Doctor? Or did Chellek leave in disgust after what happened to him or was perhaps asked to leave?
  2. cosmic mouse

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    I guess we never did see what became of Gar... I would like to think Janeway & Co dropped him off on some planet with nothing but a bowl of Talaxian worm root, but who knows? Dropping him off at a penal colony would be the most "in-character" for the crew I suppose.
    Similarly, for the hospital you'd hope that they would come to their senses regarding the inhumane manner in which their "society" functions and make some much needed changes. At minimum, hopefully Chellek himself rebelled after he was put in Tebbis' condition, and that caused a further uprising with roots for positive change.
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  3. Amaris

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    I was wondering the same thing when I watched the episode last night. Gar was putting hundreds of lives in jeopardy with his act. Too bad there was no closure regarding his disposition. Still, I thoroughly enjoyed the episode, and would have liked to have seen the end result of the Doctor's influence.
  4. Prax

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    I think the hospital ship and the people involved returned to the status quo within 3 episode's time. It's human nature.
  5. JirinPanthosa

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    Yeah, but it's not TV character nature.
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    I never realized till now, that the voice of the hospital ship computer is William Daniels - i.e. KITT from Knight Rider...