Spoilers Crisis on Infinite Earths Discussion (CW Event Spoiler Thread)

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    Coincidence. Distant cousins. Henry and Nora look different. Pick one ;)
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    I'm glad to hear about Jay and Joan, but I still want to know about Harry Wells and Jesse.
    I wonder if they'll be doing more with the Rogues now? Other than Capt. Cold and Heatwave, they really haven't done much with them, especially compared to how big a part of the comics they are. My only experience with the comics is the first 5 collections of the New 52 series, and even there they have a pretty big presence in two or three of the books.
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    Okay, in last night's Flash episode, Cisco had drawn a map and a timeline depicting the state of affairs on the new Earth-Prime (I'm commenting here because it applies to all the shows, not just TF). According to the Arrowverse Wiki, the map contained the following locations:

    Dinosaur Island??? Interesting. And Santa Prisca -- that's where Bane comes from right?

    Anyway, here's the timeline:
    Still a little vague on a few details, like when Superman's career began, although we know it was before Kara's pod landed. And it looks like Earth-1's Batman's history overwrites Earth-38's, at least from 2015 onward, since Supergirl had previously implied that Batman was still active during its run.
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    What I want to see is the rediscovery of the multiverse. And why doesn't Vibe have his powers?
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    Interesting touch that the Earth-Prime version of the events of "Crisis on Earth-X" involved "time travelling Nazis," not alternate-Earth ones. A necessary tweak, however, since as far as this reformed and combined world is concerned, alternate Earths don't exist and never have (though we know they're wrong about that).
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    ^Good catch about the time-traveling Nazis.

    Judging from the timeline, I was wondering if it meant that President Marsdin replaced President Brayden in Earth-Prime's history. However, I just rechecked the "documentary" portion of Arrow's finale, and in the shot of the gathered heroes from Invasion!, it's still Brayden giving the speech. But that can still work. Invasion! happened the week before Christmas 2016, after the presidential election but before the inauguration. So when the nameless US President was killed, his sitting VP, Brayden, would've taken over as POTUS for the remainder of his term. Before, I'd assumed that Brayden was the President-Elect and continued on from there, but in the new history, we can assume that President Nameless lost the election to Marsdin, Brayden finished out the last month of his term after the Dominators killed him, and then Marsdin took over on January 20.

    However, this would require rewriting Earth-38's history, because Marsdin first appeared in a Supergirl episode airing October 2016, a month before the election. So in the original history, she was in her second term when she was exposed as an alien, but here, she would've been in her first term.
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    Because it was the old Earth-1 Cisco who regained his powers not the new Earth-Prime one. The Earth-Prime one has the memories of the original events but didn't actually live through them.
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    I guess that would open the door for a proper Earth 3, with similar villains