Creative Writing, Poetry, Arts & Crafts, and Other Creations Thread

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    After a suggestion in QS&F, we've decided to start a dedicated thread for posting your personal artwork, creative writing, poetry, crafts, hobbies, photography, music, etc.

    If you feel like your work is extensive enough that it warrants its own thread, you can still do that too.

    Keep in mind that this is a PG-13 family friendly board, so don't cross the line with the content. The same rules that would apply on the rest of the board apply here as well.

    Thank you, and I look forward to seeing your contributions to the thread.
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    @Locutus of Bored quick question, what's the feeling about posting stories? I'm guessing there might be a word limit. Is there a download option?
  3. Locutus of Bored

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    I'm not sure what the maximum word limit per post is in Xenforo. I think it was around 5,000 words per post in vBulletin. The tech admin, EricF, would be better able to answer that question for you in the QS&F thread I linked to above.

    If you want to post a really long story, it would probably be best to put it in spoiler code so people don't have to scroll past the whole thing each time.

    As far as the download option, I assume you mean some kind of file hosting service? If so, yes, you can post a link to your story. Or you can upload it directly to the forum as an attachment.
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    Mar 12, 2005
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    If it helps, the other XenForo forum I hang out on has a limit of 150,000 characters/post (I think this number can be adjusted by any admin). Characters/spaces are a more precise way to calculate these things, and there are online sites that can count words, characters, paragraphs, etc.
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    The sea was angry that day, my friends...
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  7. Olive - the Other Reindeer

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    Sep 4, 2009
    Do you guys mind if I share links to my fan fic? That way it won't take up as much room.
  8. Locutus of Bored

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    Yes, that's fine, but also bear in mind there is a dedicated fanfic forum here too if you're interested.
  9. Olive - the Other Reindeer

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    Sep 4, 2009
    Ah cool. Might share it on here and make a separate thread to update.
  10. Kai "the Elf on the Shelf"

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    Kai "the spy"
    Okay, let's try this. I wrote this poem based on DC characters almost ten years ago, both in German and English, but the English version has been lost since then. I'm re-translating from the German version.


    I am alone
    Last of my kind
    Among beings that I love
    That I am alien to.
    I am here to protect
    Their home, my new home
    A stranger who lost so much
    But treasures what he has that much more.

    I am alone
    Since Childhood
    Among friends that I appreciate
    That I expect to lose.
    I am here to fight
    Night after night, to prevent worse
    A loner who lost
    And never recovered.

    I am alone
    Cut off from my sisters
    Among people that I respect
    That I don't understand.
    I am here to teach
    To a world not my own
    A hoping one, who lost paradise
    And fights hard to find it again.

    Last of my kind
    Among beings that I love
    That took me in.
    I am here to live
    For Truth
    For Justice
    For the good that is in all beings
    That just needs to be called forth
    A first among equals, who lost
    And won.
    I am not alone.
  11. Dashiell Mirai

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    Nov 20, 2017
    Ooh, this is gonna be good. So I was going through my word processing software on my old PC, and I found a few Star Trek-related songs and poems. Frankly, I don't remember which ones were meant to be sung. But the important thing is that I wrote these things when I was about 14 or 15, mostly about my various Star Trek crushes. Cringe levels are through the roof. So here's one of them.

    What would I tell you
    Of the man between worlds?
    Who charms without a smile
    And laughs without a voice.
    What would I say of the way
    He says a million words
    In the space of a brow's twitch?
    And when the facade is broken
    It all comes crashing out in waves
    And ends in tears.
    And how dignified he is
    Holding his lanky form like a prince.
    Of course he does.
    It's only logical.

    Yecch, I think I just threw up in my mouth a little! And to think, "Sonnet to Spock" was one of my better compositions. Don't quit your day job, 14-year-old me.
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  12. USS Triumphant

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    Dec 29, 2008
    Go ahead, caller. I'm listening...
    The long flight through vast darkness
    Reaches its midmost point
    And where once was and will be One on either end
    A lonely multitude awaits a too oft forgotten destination
    Insanity, brought on by the loudest silence without
    And a gibbering cacophony within
    Time passed with games that seek humor
    Or meaning
    But scarcely summon them
    Attended to with inedible arrangements
    That occupy the mind and slake hunger
    But do little to nourish the Soul
    Misfit puzzle pieces picked up again and again
    They appear to match
    Until the pattern shifts once more
    Ever changing

    They are with me, within me
    I am them
    And in a rare moment
    We recognize each other
    Tiniest reunion
    We make our connection
    And the flight continues
    To where we will be whole again

    - Sanderis Phon

    Any thoughts on this piece?
  13. think

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    This is the blog where I always post my music and some.. of the videos I am making
    this is the youtube channel where all the videos I make go... unless it happens they contain copyrighted stuff then I delete them.. :)

    this is the most recent video I have done with my most recent work of musics...

    The video has the recent music slowed to half speed then crossfaded into full speed..

    also the photos go on the blog.. like this one..

  14. rhubarbodendron

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    think, is that one of your composition sheets? It's highly decorative and would make a great t-shirt, pillow or courtain.

    , would recipes count as crafts/creations or would they merit a thread of their own? Quite a lot of people here seem to be interested in swapping recipes and I thought I'd better ask before starting one.
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  15. Santa's thrall

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    Mar 21, 2017
    I got some jokes!

    What did the racist say to a room full of clones.

    You all look alike.

    What does Lee Harvey Oswald and a photographer have in common?

    They both like headshots.

    Why did the smurf go and see a shrink?

    He was felling,blue.

  16. Avro Arrow

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    I'm not Locutus, but my own opinion is that that would be distinct and unique enough to warrant its own thread. Just MHO, though.
  17. Locutus of Bored

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    Don't let the presence of this thread discourage you (or anyone else) from starting your own more specific threads if you want. This was just started in response to a request in the QS&F Forum, I don't want to stifle anyone's arts and crafts thread ideas.
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  18. publiusr

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    Mar 22, 2010
    This Message Brought To You By…

    “Umph! That’s the second deer I’ve hit this month.”

    Ted’s self-driving electric car pulled itself off the road, notifying the attendant.

    “Are you all right, sir?”

    “Yes, yes, just send a replacement. You know, these things wouldn’t happen if you allowed headlights to operate-“

    “You know we can’t do that. Light pollution laws here and such. The astronomers need to keep track of all the recent activity.”

    “I’ve another complaint, Ma’am. That hacker group makes it hard for me to even schedule a car these days.”

    “I understand sir.” It was all the attendant could do to keep from cracking up—seeing that she was part of the hacker underground herself. “Just give us a few minutes and we will have a replacement sent out to you.”

    “I’m having trouble with my mobile, and I can’t seem to call out.”

    “We are experiencing some jamming with the solar max. I’m afraid I have to take another call—“


    The line went dead.

    Ted wasn’t used to being cut off, having himself been in charge of cutting so many jobs lost to so much of the “new re-industrialization.” Thanks to his robotics success, burgers could flip themselves. Warehouses had laid off employees by the thousands.

    Truck drivers were a vanishing breed as well, thanks to him. He spent no capital on sensors and self- driving tech; instead coming up with a modular trailer body that had both engine and reefer units underneath the frame set between the drive/steering bogies front and back. This set-up allowed for overhead roll-up doors on either end of the trailer, so as to dock with warehouse doors coming and going.

    In the rare case of the traffic jam, lines of container-transporters could dock fore to aft, sliding goods forwards to the first trailers in line, allowing trailers in the rear to recede, clearing traffic more quickly.

    It was also a nice way to smuggle things too—hackers providing plausible deniability.

    Ted’s own patents were on the modularity of the trailer’s design itself, with avionics-type slots that could take electronics of any brand, making him a very wealthy man.

    But what to do with all the workers?

    Ted, never feeling his brothers’ keeper, had no wish to pay higher taxes for social services that were now tied to how many jobs executives themselves personally eliminated. How dare the poor vote!

    Ted came up with a master plan. Seeing how many indigenous people the Russians eliminated by sending through the Bering Strait Tunnel (after having its ventilation units “fail”), Ted decided to try his own micro-holocaust, the hybrid bug that combined AIDS, sickle-cell anemia and the common cold not being fast enough for him.

    If some automated, windowless “party buses” full of ex-employees broke down in cold weather leaving passengers dead from exposure, well, that would be the state’s fault, then. “More proof of how big government doesn’t work.”

    With his ex-employees dead, Ted was off the hook. He resented having to give up his private gas automobiles though, so he decided to become an ex-pat, only visiting the US while keeping his money elsewhere.

    There was one problem. One of the employees Ted had frozen to death along the road had relatives in Innsmouth like Ann, who would be Ted’s attendant for the night.

    Ted tried his “M-Brane,” a flexible roll-up membrane-computer/screen that marked a return to the scroll. He could get no signal out due to the ‘solar max,’ and yet he wondered why his attendant’s transmission was so clear.

    He stepped out of his car, whose airbags sagged like obscene bladders. He wanted to have a look at the deer that he just hit. He assumed it was a deer, at least.

    He shone the emergency flash-light out into the night, but saw nothing.
    The soggy air was still, silent.

    Ted looked down at the fog-covered road, but saw no blood. His self-driver (one of the few models which allowed the occupant some control) was a wreck—the whole front end was stove in—so that was no longer an option—the triggering of the airbags in turn triggering a kill switch.

    As the clouds began to part, a gibbous moon began to leer at Ted. His sense of unease was brief, evaporating as he heard the gentle clatter of his replacement ride skittering through the night, stopping a few yards short of him.

    “Ah, progress.”

    “Please enter the vehicle, sir”

    For a moment Ted thought to himself that he heard the voice from two different directions. Shrugging his shoulders, he examined the new vehicle, saw that it was indeed empty, then got inside with his baggage.

    As it began to hum down the lane, he looked backed to his wrecked car, only to see a huge misshapen figure standing next to it—right where he had stood only a moment or two before.

    “AAAAAH! Oh God! OH GOD!”

    “Sir! Sir! Calm down and tell me what’s the matter!”

    “I, I…”

    The thing, now back in the bushes, put a claw up to it’s earpiece and spoke in a re-assuring tone.

    “Shall I call emergency services?” Ann’s voice as soft and as sweet as a sirens.’

    “Ah…no...just get me home.”

    Scores of light-less, self-driving automobiles owned by ex-pats of every stripe (Child sex tourists, tax evaders, deadbeat dads) who had just left Ted’s convention joined him in silent progression towards a rotting pier off LeGrasse Point in the Louisiana Bayou.

    And all the polypus thing in the lake had to do was open its mouth.
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  19. Doom Shepherd

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    Okay, I'm going to try this out. Here's a story I wrote a few years ago. It's long, so it's going into spoiler tags.

    It was inspired by the In Nomine RPG, in which players play Angels and Demons, trying to lead people towards their Destinies (the best/most selfless/hopeful thing they could do for the world) or their Fates (the worst/most selfish/hopeless.) Some people have BIG Destinies or Fates, like "Discover a vaccine for Polio" or "Lead a genocidal war." Others...don't.

    For those of you who might be wavering on the edge of clicking... in this story, I go to Hell. :evil:
    The following story is fiction. If I am very fortunate, it may also be true. It is told in memory of Mackenzie D. Farquhar, 1986-2002.
    "Before I Wake."

    The soul, having only just come to grips with its body's sudden demise, took a long look at its new environs.

    Red, it thought.



    Of course.

    Having long ago resigned itself to the possibility of this outcome, the soul moved slowly into the streaming mass of former humanity inexorably making its way towards the Great Gate.

    Looking only downwards, it paid no real attention to its surroundings -- until a giant sword descended from the sky to block its path.

    Stopping just short of the blade, the soul looked upwards into the eyes of a gigantic angel who seemed to be glaring down at him. "You. Do Not Pass." it said, and there was clearly no arguing with it. "Wait."

    The soul moved off to the side and the throng moved on. As it stood, it wondered what it could have done wrong enough to merit special attention, and just what inventive extra punishment it was to receive before its final condemnation. It knew that it hadn't lived the best life it could have, and that it had always managed to slip back to old bad habits after every attempt to reform, even the sincere ones.

    Still, while it had occasionally been awfully selfish, foolish, arrogant and worse, and had accepted the consequences of its actions, it really, deep down, didn't think that it had done anything that bad.

    It's just been, the soul thought ironically, one of those lives.

    Then it noticed the little ball of light. The light was small, very bright, and heading rapidly in the soul's direction. In moments, the ball was practically upon him. The ball circled the soul three times at just about the level of his knees, then backed off, rising up to eye level, where it hovered, wavering slightly.

    "Hi!" it said. "It's good to see you!"

    It is? the soul thought, but responded, carefully, "Hello. What're you?"

    "I'm a... sort of a guide, sort of a guardian," the ball of light said. "They sent me to fetch you." It giggled at something. "It was close, mind, but... you don't have to go. You got in."

    "I got... IN? But I thought..."

    "Yeah, I know what you thought. That was the hard part. See, souls like you, on the borderline, sometimes they think they deserve worse than they really do, and that bad self image can camouflage you against Heaven's radar, so to speak, make you look like any other damned soul. But you're not, not really. We almost missed you, though. Lucky there's been a few folks been looking out for you."

    "I don't understand. I mean, sometimes I was pretty... pretty bad."

    "Hey, I won't deny you had your problems, but you weren't as bad as you could have been. You managed to meet your Destiny, and that's something, even if your Fate nearly came along for the ride."

    "I met my Destiny? ME?? What did I ever do that was noteworthy??

    "Hey, we don't all have huge, save-the-world Destinies, you know. I didn't. My Destiny was just to be there for someone who needed me. You? Well, I suppose that depends on perspective, but I can tell you that from my point of view, you did more than enough. That's why I asked for this job."

    "What'd I do?"

    "You, my friend, single-handedly kept no less than three souls from their fates."

    "You're kidding."

    "We don't kid here, pal. Not about this. Start with your grandmother. After your grandfather died, she was all alone in that house. Your aunt was gone, your brother was being a kid, and your parents... well, we both know your parents were never very good at that sort of thing. But you, you stopped in every day with the mail and stayed and talked with her for the hour or so before your parents got home from work. Every day. For years."

    "But... we barely understood each other! I didn't know a thing about her old friends, I couldn't reminisce about the old days, and all I ever talked about was outer space and high technology... to a Depression-era girl!"

    "Doesn't matter. It was the companionship that did it. Your sacrifice of your 'me time' kept her from a Fate of loneliness and despair, from dying much sooner than she did, uncomforted and alone."

    "Oh, my. She's... up there, then?"

    "Of course! With her friends and family again, and helping out part time with the Archangel of Children -- once a teacher, you know..."

    "Oh, that's wonderful!" the soul said, relaxing for the first time. "But, you said there were three?"

    "Yes. Another was the love of your life. I don't have to tell you just what happened there. You know it in your heart."

    The soul closed its eyes, remembering. "I loved her."

    "Yes. And after the years of abuse, and lies, and pain she'd endured... you were there. You tried. You cared."

    "I screwed it up."

    "Sometimes. But the thing is, she loved you back. She still does."

    "Ohno. Is she-"

    "No. No, not yet. Someday, though. But she's out of danger now. She's loved and been loved. And when she does get here, well, there's a joint Protection / Children Intervention strike team just waiting for her."

    "Oh, she'll like that. Protecting children. Smiting those who are cruel to them. Finally, she might get a little justice."


    "...and the third?"

    "Ah. Well, this may seem a bit odd, but, well... it's me."

    "Wait, wait, wait. I know I did a lot of things in my life, but I'm sure I never served a ball of light."

    "Oh, but you did. You never saw me like this, but you always used to say how I was a 'living ball of energy,' so I thought I'd actually greet you as one. You'll know me better in a moment." The ball of light started to drift towards the ground. "You saved me, saved my life, when I was only days old. You chose me, took me home, and made me yours. And you were always my best friend, until the day I died. You were the only father I ever knew."

    "I don't under--"

    And the ball of light reached the ground, dimmed, shifted shape, grew four small legs and fur, was a tiny, grey-and-black schnauzer.

    "My God," said the soul, tears suddenly streaming down its face. "Mac."

    "Yes," the dog said, and wagged his little tail.


    "Your parents may have bought me, but you loved me. And I have always been your dog. Welcome home."

    The End.

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  20. PureCrimson

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    Mar 4, 2018
    Does anyone know the game Bioshock Infinite?

    I basically took the prop plastic skyhook and rebuilt it with a working motor to function more like the games.

    I took this:

    To this:

    Which is closer to the game:

    If you want a more detailed explanation of how I did it:
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