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    Hi, everybody. I want to start building a more balanced ST novel collection featuring novels/series representing all of the various ongoing series that currently make up the world of 'Trek Lit' (including the 4 recently-announced 'JJ-verse' Star Trek novels), but I'm having some trouble figuring out exactly which novels to pick up for The Next Generation. I would like to limit my TNG collection to a 'Relaunch' orf sorts containing anything set after the events of the televised series, but cannot figure out how far back to go, nor what could/should be considered to be part of a 'TNG Relaunch' beyond the post-NEM novels like "Death in Winter", etc. (which are generally considered to constitute the 'TNG Relaunch') Does anyone have any suggestions for me on what novels could constitute a post-series 'TNG Relaunch' extending back to the year (in-universe) that the series ended, keeping in mind that I'd like to stay as consistent as possible with regards to characters, plot, etc. from novel to novel?
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    "Relaunch" is a much-abused term that has no formal definition. Marco Palmieri used it to refer to the initial promotional push for the post-finale DS9 novels, the relaunching of the series after a "refit," as it were. And yet even though a launch is a single, specific event rather than an ongoing process, the term "Relaunch" came to be applied by association to the entire post-finale DS9 series, and then by analogy to other post-finale series.

    There is no cohesive "TNG Relaunch" or post-finale series in the sense you mean, since the modern, cohesive book continuity didn't emerge until years after TNG ended. Also, the kind of post-finale series that tends to get nicknamed a "Relaunch" is the sort of thing that can only happen after the series is over and the books are free to take their own path. As long as there were TNG movies being made, the TNG books were still in "series" mode, constrained to avoid significant changes in the status quo and mostly limited to standalone adventures rather than the kind of ongoing arc that constitutes a post-finale or "Relaunch" series.
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    I would say the A Time to... miniseries is a good starting point for continuous TNG narrative, running up to Nemesis, and then after with what seems have been dubbed the TNG relaunch, Destiny and beyond.

    As Christopher said, earlier than that and everything was a stand-alone and generally unconnected.
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    There are some post-series TNG books that stand out as likely candidates for inclusion in a unified post-TNG book continuity. Immortal Coil is an indispensable novel about Data's attempts to cope with his emotion chip. Section 31: Rogue introduces the character of Ranul Keru, who is a significant player in the overall novel continuity, as well as other concepts that have shown up in later books (generally by the same authors, Andy Mangels and Mike Martin). The Gemworld duology by John Vornholt deals with Melora Pazlar (from DS9's "Melora"), who later becomes a member of Titan's crew in the books, and its events are treated as part of Melora's backstory in the Titan series. The Battle of Betazed by Charlotte Douglas and Susan Kearney deals with a key event in the Dominion War, and I believe it has some continuity ties to other works. Gateways: Doors into Chaos and its followup "The Other Side" in Gateways: What Lay Beyond are directly tied into the overall book continuity, crossing over with DS9 and other series.
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    Thanks for the suggestions thus far, guys. I was aware that there wasn't an official 'relaunch' for TNG, and that the moniker had been unoficially applied to the post-NEM novels, but thought that there was bound to be at least some consistency in novels written and set after the conclusion of the series' on-screen adventures aside from the post-NEM novels that would allow me to create my own 'relaunch' of sorts. In addition to the novels you've suggested, I went and put together my own set of books that I think I could include, but wanted to specifically ask if there's anything in them that isn't consistent with other post-series novels about Picard and Co. Here's the list:
    "Behind Enemy Lines" by John Vornholt (The Dominion War)
    "Tunnel through the Stars" by John Vornholt (The Dominion War)
    "Q-Space" by Greg Cox (The Q Continuum)
    "Q-Zone" by Greg Cox (The Q Continuum)
    "Q-Strike" by Greg Cox (The Q Continuum)
    "Diplomatic Implausibility" by Keith R.A. DeCandido
    "Dead Zone" by Dave Galanter and Greg Brodeur (Maximum Warp)
    "Forever Dark" by Dave Galanter and Greg Brodeur (Maximum Warp)
    "The Genesis Wave" by John Vornholt (Books 1-3)
    "Genesis Force" by John Vornholt
    "A Hard Rain" by Dean Wesley Smith
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    Aspects of The Q Continuum trilogy are difficult or impossible to reconcile with some other novels, and "Genesis Wave book three" can't be reconciled with the mainstream (the first two and Genesis Force are mostly fine). I haven't read the Maximum Warp duology, so I can't help there, but "Genesis Wave" one and two, "Genesis Force" and "Diplomatic Implausibility" should certainly join the list, I'd say :)
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    The two Dominion War books have a version of Ro Laren's life post Enterprise-D that contradicts the DS9R.
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    ^ Thanks for the info, JD and Nasat. Anybody know anything about the how consistent, overall, the "Maximum Warp" books and "A Hard Rain" are?

    Also, here's some more 'post-finale' TNG books that I'd like to know things about consistency-wise:
    "Intellivore" by Diane Duane
    "Ancient Blood" by Diane Carey (Day of Honor)
    "Crossover" by Michael Jan Friedman
    "Kahless" by Michael Jan Friedman
    "Do Comets Dream?" by S.D. Somtow
    "Tooth and Claw" by Doranna Durgan
    "Dujonian's Horde" by Michael Jan Friedman (The Captain's Table)
    "The Soldiers of Fear" by Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rush (Invasion!)
    "Ship of the Line" by Diane Carey
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    Kind of a technical point, but Carey assumes that holodecks have been around far longer than canon would suggest, though canon itself has been inconsistent on this.

    It offers a rather revisionist version of Kahless's history; probably best left to the individual reader to decide whether it's reconcilable.

    The Furies from the Invasion! crossover were alluded to in an SCE adventure, so arguably this is part of the broader novel continuity, at least peripherally.

    This book has compatibility problems with onscreen canon. "Cause and Effect" established that the Typhon Expanse was an uncharted frontier region and showed that the Bozeman's bridge crew included two women; the novel portrays the Expanse as a well-patrolled portion of the UFP-Klingon border and gives the Bozeman an all-male bridge crew.
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    These are referenced by Q & A, I believe.
    These fit in just fine, and even have some reference to the DS9 relaunch.
    This is profoundly standalone; include it at your whim.
    This book is excellent, and there are a couple references to it in the DS9 relaunch.
    Both of these received mentions in S.C.E.: The Future Begins, for what it's worth.
    This might be revisionist, but it doesn't actually contradict "canon", and it's actually one of Friedman's best books. Highly recommended just for being good. Very standalone-- no outside references, never referenced.
    Odd, but very good. Very standalone, though.
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    I did exactly this project several years ago and I'm still trying to read threw all the series. Here's my TNG list. I can post my other series lists (including TOS), if you want.

    Whole Era:
    The Sky's the Limit

    During the series:

    Post series:
    Day of Honor: Ancient Blood
    The Captain's Table: Dujonian's Horde
    Invasion: The Soldiers of Fear

    Post Generations
    Triangle: Imzadi II
    Ship of the Line
    Slings and Arrows
    Section 31: Rogue

    Post First Contact
    Immortal Coil
    The Q-Continuum 1: Q-Space
    The Q-Continuum 2: Q-Zone
    The Q-Continuum 3: Q-Strike
    The Gorn Crisis
    The Battle of Betazed

    Post Insurrection
    Gemworld 1
    Gemworld 2
    Diplomatic Implausibility
    Maximum Warp 1: Dead Zone
    Maximum Warp 2: Forever Dark
    Gateways: Doors into Chaos
    The Genesis Wave 1
    The Genesis Wave 2
    The Genesis Wave 3
    Genesis Force
    A Hard Rain
    A Time to Be Born
    A Time to Die
    A Time to Sow
    A Time to Harvest
    A Time to Love
    A Time to Hate
    A Time to Kill
    A Time to Heal
    A Time for War, A Time for Peace

    Post Nemesis
    Death in Winter
    Before Dishonor
    Greater Than the Sum

    Post Destiny
    Losing the Peace
    Typhon Pact: Path of Disharmony
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    May 20, 2001
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    Thanks for all the suggestions, guys. I've compiled a pretty substantial list based on all your suggestions and comments, and thought I'd share it:

    My 'TNG Relaunch'
    "Day of Honor: Ancient Blood"
    "Invasion!: The Soldiers of Fear"
    "Section 31: Rogue"
    "Immortal Coil"
    "The Battle of Betazed"
    ""Gemworld: Book 1"
    "Gemworld: Book 2"
    "Diplomatic Implausibility"
    "Maximum Warp: Dead Zone"
    "Maximum Warp: Forever Dark"
    "Gateways: Doors into Chaos"
    "The Genesis Wave: Book 1"
    "The Genesis Wave: Book 2"
    "Genesis Force"
    "A Hard Rain"
    "A Time to be Born"
    "A Time to Die"
    "A Time to Sow"
    "A Time to Harvest"
    "A Time to Love"
    "A Time to Hate"
    "A Time to Kill"
    "A time to Heal"
    "A Time for War, A Time for Peace"
    "Death in Winter"
    "Q & A"
    "Before Dishonor"
    "Greater Than the Sum"
    "Losing the Peace"

    Note: This is limited to full-length novels only, since they will be the easiest for me to obtain
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    Nasat, I haven't read any of those books yet, but I'm curious what aspects of the Q trilogy and Genesis Wave book three are inconsistent with other novels. Thanks!
  14. Deranged Nasat

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    Well, keeping in mind it's a long time since I read them, so I can't give an extensive list :)...

    "Genesis Wave book three" has quite a few, the most glaring probably being Alyssa Ogawa's child (a girl here, a boy elsewhere), and former Kai Opaka being considered dead (DS9 relaunch makes this impossible).

    The Q Continuum's depiction of Q's history and the galactic barrier's purpose are somewhat incompatible with other depictions (though nowhere near as straightly contradictory as GWIII). To be honest, it's not too glaring, but even though QandA briefly alluded to these books- along with all other Q stories :)- it's revelations concerning Q's relationship to Earth and humanity are not easily compatable. Of course, this is Q we're talking about, a manipulative omnipotent being, so there's a lot more room to wriggle round these continuity obstacles than usual, but I prefer to discard these books from my personal continuity (a shame, as I quite enjoyed them). You should probably choose for yourself, of course. They're worth reading, at least. :)
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    May 20, 2001
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    ryan123450, would you mind posting that TOS listing you mentioned? I don't know if I'll ever go and create a 'TOS Relaunch' (my novel collection for that era will likely be limited to the 'JJ-verse'), but, just for curiosity's sake, I'd like to see your novel list for that series anyway.
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  17. ryan123450

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    Before I post my TOS list, I forgot to add The Sky's the Limit to my previous list. It spans from before Encounter at Farpoint to after Nemesis. AlsoThe Brave and the Bold duology and Tales of the Dominion War both contain TNG elements on the Enterprise-E. And I don't think anyone mentioned the TNG: Double Helix series, some of which take place in this time period.

    Here's my TOS list-

    Pike Era:
    Vulcan's Glory
    Early Voyages
    The Captain's Table: Where Sea Meets Sky
    The Children of Kings
    Burning Dreams

    Pre-5-Year-Mission Era:
    My Brother's Keeper: Republic
    My Brother's Keeper: Constitution

    The Five Year Mission Era:
    My Brother's Keeper: Enterprise
    Mere Anarchy: Things Fall Apart
    The Captain's Table: War Dragons
    Invasion: First Strike
    Mere Anarchy: The Centre Cannot Hold
    Day of Honor: Treaty's Law
    Section 31: Cloak
    Gateways: One Small Step

    The Lost Years:
    The Lost Years
    Traitor Winds
    Mere Anarchy: Shadows of the Indignant
    A Flag Full of Stars

    Second Five Year Mission Era:
    Ex Machina
    Star Trek (Marvel)
    The Kobayashi Maru
    Home is the Hunter
    Enemy Unseen
    Mere Anarchy: The Darkness Drops Again
    The Covenant of the Crown
    Rihannsu: The Bloodwing Voyages
    Rihannsu: The Empty Chair
    Shell Game
    Death Count
    Deep Domain

    Academy Era:
    The Pandora Principle

    Enterprise-A Era:
    In the Name of Honor
    The Rift
    Unspoken Truth
    Mere Anarchy: The Blood-Dimmed Tide
    Excelsior: Forged in Fire

    The Lost Era:
    The Last Roundup
    The Captain's Daughter
    Vulcan's Forge
    The Lost Era: The Sundered
    The Lost Era: Serpent's Among the Ruins
    Vulcan's Heart

    TNG Era:
    The Lost Era: Well of Souls
    The Lost Era: Catalyst of Sorrows
    Vulcan’s Soul 1: Exodus
    Vulcan’s Soul 2: Exiles
    Vulcan’s Soul 3: Epiphany

    I basically dismissed all the run of the mill five year mission stories, and only took the 2270's era stories where the uniforms on the cover and in the book matched what should have been used during that period. So those two requirements cut out several dozen stories. :eek: I'll comment more if there are any questions. Enjoy!
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    I recommend at least the post-Nemesis novels which if there's anything TNG-wise you would consider "relaunch" material, that's it. Others have already listed them but they are:
    Death in Winter
    Before Dishonor
    Greater Than the Sum
    (Destiny trilogy)
    Losing the Peace
    I see that as the start of where the authors really begin to have the ability to do what they want with these characters and advance the series plotlines without risk of being contradicted by a later movie. Obviously, some other novels before them do introduce some characters and plots that would be refered to later but that's true with any of the novel series.