Conjectural movie era uniforms

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    Sorry about that. Not sure which bit you find confusing but I'll try give a bit more detail.

    The idea of the four color (white, khaki, black and red) comes from enlisted crew in the movies all having a single shirt color regardless of department (black), and also the tendency of Captains and higher to all wear white shirts. Whereas regular officers still wear a range of colors.

    Now while the idea of Captains and higher having a choice (mentioned earlier on this thread and supported by at least Scotty on screen) has merit, I think that's a little 'messy', so I thought I'd give Officers a seperate unifed color. I decided on khaki because of the color of the Class A jacket lining in canon (See Uhura's uni for best example).

    The white undershirts look pretty sharp and it makes sense that Flag Officers and semi-independant departments like the Diplomatic Corps and Starfleet Intelligence would have a separate color to regular Fleet so I put them in white.

    As far as the rank pins go, the 'commander' pin is the "inverted hexagon" that looks like 2 letter "M" on their sides, with one or more gold bars between the two long sides. The 'captain' pin is the hexagon shaped one with the triangles facing inward over the pointed ends, likewise with one or more gold bars between the long sides.

    Hope that clears it up, if not let me know what the issue is and I'll try and explain further.

    http:// (used as reference during planing).

    Shamrock Holmes
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    ^ like i said to confusing for me. i like my idea better. that link did not work btw but i remember how the uniforms and ranks were supose to work in twok!
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    Greetings. I would like to discuss using these uniform designs for a project my team is working on. You can reach me directly at Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!