CBS Interactive Exec on ‘All Access’ Demographics; Considering Ad-Free Option for “Super-Fans”

Discussion in 'Star Trek: Discovery' started by RAMA, Feb 7, 2016.

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    Do you realize you can get 3-4 episodes free at the beginning of the show without waiting, to decide whether you like it or not?

    First, watch the premiere 2 hr episode on CBS TV. Then you can subscribe for the 7 day free CBS ALL Access offer the day episode 2 comes out. By the 7th day, episode 3 should be out.

    If CBS All Access keeps the episodes up for more than 2 weeks, and they can alternatively subscribe for the free week at episode 3, watch episode 1-2 on demand and then watch episode 4 at the end of the free week. You can do this for later episodes of course, if you can wait that long.

    If you are patient obviously, and they keep all the episodes on demand the whole time, you could subscribe at the end of the 3 month series and watch them all for free. Something tells me CBS will only offer a few episodes at a time by this point, but may release them all on bluray by mid-year.

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    Apr 11, 2014
    Since I watch very little in the way of TV shows, the cumulative effect is not something I'm concerned with. I've also grown up with commercials so the idea of muting them is nothing new.

    Also, I have a feeling that, like all new products, some tweaking will be required.
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    Phone internet and all channels for 100 bucks a month.
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    Is there any way CBS could keep track of when someone subscribed to the service? If I've been a subscriber for the whole season and it's week 10 but I want to rewatch the episode for week 2, can CBS make sure that episode is still available for me? On the other hand, if I just recently subscribed during week 10 and want to watch the episode for week 2, tough luck.
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    They could satisfy most Trek "superfans" simply by applying a senior citizen's discount.
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    And if Star Trek was on Netflix, you could subscribe to Netflix whenever you felt like it and watch all the episodes at your leisure, rather having to do all the stuff you described.

    The problem is the ad free tier makes CBS All Access as expensive as Netflix and it sounds way worse then Netflix. Its hard to survive in a market when you have the same price as your competitor and your product is far worse then their product. Its like CBS does' not understand why people like streaming and are trying to apply outdated network logic to their streaming service, they are shooting themselves in the foot.
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