Casting for the New Picard series?

Discussion in 'Star Trek: Picard' started by Admiral Archer, Oct 16, 2018.

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    Hey all, I have a question. Assuming the new Picard show will require extras, when and how do you suppose the powers that be will go about casting extras for the new show? Even better, what about actors with a line or two? I've always wanted to be on Star Trek, ever since I was a little kid, and now I may have a chance, even if it's a bit part. I'm just wondering how I would even begin to go about looking for ways to get involved with the new series as an extra.
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    Dec 9, 2012
    I would imagine, once they have finished plotting out the universe, story points, series arc, etc. They would start writing scripts. As they write in characters - main cast and extras - then they would start auditioning, whilst the production staff start designing sets, concepts, scouting locations, etc.

    Final casting would be decided soon before filming, which is set for April 2019. Announcements on casts would come before airing in time for conventions etc.

    Of course leaks may come, and if TNG characters other than Picard, get included - there will be leaks and someone like Jonathan Frakes will spill beans, as he tends to do.
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    Not sure how you go about it, but I believe you would have to first join either the actor's union, or the extra's union.

    Although sometimes movie companies will hire mass numbers of local people for background scenes, maybe TV productions do the same.
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    I can't speak for filming in Canada but when I lived in L.A. ages ago they would post ads in newspapers for extras. Maybe start there, Canadian papers, or even Craigslist.