Can I suggest a writing contest?

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Admiral2, Nov 27, 2018.

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    Answer: Of course you can. That's what this thread is for.

    Picture this: Somebody wins the writing challenge, they have to come up with a theme, but they're stymied. "Whatever shall i come up with? If only there were some repository of ideas that i could visit and shop in..."

    Well, welcome to the repository, set aside for the members of the forum (and anybody, really) who has an idea for a challenge but doesn't want to go through the process. Come in, state your idea, comment on other ideas, and that way writers who are stumped can get a better sense of what challenge will go over big.

    This thread is for you to advise and support your peers. Use it wisely and often.
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    Had two separate ideas I've thought about trying before, the first I'd think would be interesting and could lead to some good character stories, whilst the second is probably too weird to really make work, but it definitely would be a challenge:
    1. Aren't you one of the 'little people' (to paraphrase Q). Tell a story about or from the perspective of a junior member of the crew (a green ensign, rookie crewman, a non-commissioned specialist, etc.), whether established or original. They could've been 'in the background' of events from an episode, seeing what unfolds from their POV, or maybe they're going about their daily life and duties, or maybe they face a major event and have to step up and deal with it. Basically, what is life like for those people not called Kirk, Riker, Dax, Torres or Phlox, who aren't in the spotlight.
    2. Ensign Mary Sue/Marty Stu reporting aboard! Create a character that conforms to this archetype and write a story that has them in the middle of it. Basically, you need to purposefully write a bad character, one that would put even Wesley to shame :lol:
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    I could easily write an OP character, but I don't think I could write one everyone loves no matter what shit they pull. No drama that way. BOOOOOORING.

    Fears? Yes. Loves? No.
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