Can Guinan defend herself against Q?

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    It's kind of implied in Q Who that Guinan's race has some ability to resist Q's magic. It's clear they have nothing like Q's powers, as they couldn't defend themselves against the Borg, but it's also clear from episodes such as Q Who and Yesterday's Enterprise they have some kind of instinctual multidimensional awareness.

    If Q tried to magic Guinan into oblivion, would this awareness of hers protect her somehow?
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    ^I think it's all BS. It was season 2, and Guinan was still a new character, and they were trying to add on to the enigma she was...

    If she was powerful enough to fight Q, why didn't Guinan do anything to help get the Enterprise out of trouble between seasons two and six?

    As for Yesterday's Enterprise, Many believe it has to do with her experience in the Nexus where time has no meaning. This thing has been discussed time and again.
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    Q is apparently vulnerable to nipple pinching and Guinian was ready.
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    There was much about Guinan never fully explained, particularly the true depth of her relationship with Picard.
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    I doubt it - it is likely that Q had been winding up Guinan's species before pestering Picard, so he was well known on her planet and she believed, rightly or wrongly, that her little pecking stance would protect her, a bit.

    It has been summed up earlier in the thread though, new character and they were still drawing the boundaries for her!