Buffy's Tom Lenk officially out of the closet

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    Dec 2, 2001
    I think both Gojirob and Caleuche have interesting points here.

    Andrew always has reminded me of a Gollum-style character; particularly with his arc in s7. In some ways, he's also an analogue of Spike and Willow in season seven (trying to atone for their sins), but presented in a more comical manner. His killing of Jonathan was particularly 'Smeagol and Deagol' like. The LOTR reference even gets a nod in Angel, when Andrew compares the resurrected Spike to Gandalf the White.

    He is also in some respects a replacement for the early Xander of seasons 1-3. Whereas season 6 and 7 Xander is more mature due to his life experiences, Andrew gives us a slightly more whimsical character again.

    See, I loved Buffy. All of it. Whether intentional or not, the story arcs eventually wove together very well indeed, so it felt like things were planned out all along. Season six is still controversial. There seems to be little middle ground. Some loved it for the darker edge and greater character focus; and some missed the lighter tone, and disliked the darkness and depression. I belong to the former camp. Season 6 was about the characters moreso than any of the other seasons in my opinion.

    Season 7 returned some of the earlier humour and camp to the show (thanks mainly to Andrew). I loved s7, I still don't get why some hate it.