Bones - anybody still watching? (SPOILERS thru 4x05)

Discussion in 'TV & Media' started by Sakrysta, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. PKTrekGirl

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    I watch Bones, only a season behind for the most part because I watch on DVD.

    The DVDs are still not out for season 3, however, and so I got impatient and started watching season 4 when it began airing. It's clear that I missed a few things, but nothing I couldn't figure out in a couple of episodes. And I'll watch season 3 when they (finally) put out the DVD set.

    I like the show - I just hope that Zach comes back, because I don't care for these dopey assistants and I liked him alot.

    Other than that, I don't have any particular feeling about how things should turn out. I like the show partly because it's so easy to watch without feeling like you have a stake in how it turns out.
  2. May 20

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    Yep, I'm still watching Bones. I like the mysteries and the character interactions. But I miss Zack. I understand the need for the twist at the end of the season, and from what I've read, if the season had gone as it had been planned, Zack would have died rather than been locked up.

    So, I'll take locked up. At least we'll get to see him every once in a while.

    And, where is the DVD set for season 3?!? I want it.
  3. Trubinator

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    That is from a fantasy episode so it doesn't really happen. And yeah, I'm sure the show will last six to seven seasons. I'd still like for them to get together around the end of season four or near the beginning of season five though. I really enjoy seeing what happens AFTER people get together, as opposed to getting a five minute send-off in the series finale. It's a small gripe though...very good show still.
  4. bigdaddy

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    This is really stupid. Whatever happened to releasing the DVD set before the next season?

    Season 3 comes out November 18th.

    And the show will easily last 6-7 seasons, the ratings are great for Fox, and the reruns also do really well.
  5. Flibble

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    Aug 24, 2003
    I'm still watching the show, even though the break up of Angela and Hodgins was so throw away and they didn't even try to reconcile their relationship.:rolleyes:
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    After what happened with Zack I wasn't sure I'd watch this season. I'm glad I did. I thought that Angela's "free spirit" personality was just a bit too much for Hodgins. Good thing he's pretty even tempered. He could pull strings and have Angela sent bye bye.

    HMMMMMMMMM. Ya know...In way he is their boss. The Hodgins are the single largest benefactors for the Jeffersonian. It's possible he could have Zack brought back to the lab, provided Zack is cleared. Hodgins doesn't like throwing his weight around, but like it or not, his name has weight. He pretty much pays the salaries of everyone but Booth. That could be a way to bring back Zack, if the writers want him back. The revolving door grad students will get old before this seasons end, so something has to be done.

    I don't want Brennen and Booth to get together, it works in a comedy like Cheers but not in a drama. It'll go all Moonlighting if they get together. They need to get close but no closer than Mulder and Scully did (until the last few seasons anyway.)
  7. Bob The Skutter

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    Yeah, I hate that, when shows get a couple together and just to break them up.
  8. Pingfah

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    ^ I suspect it's more like they've broken them up to eventually get them back together. I think they got them together with good intentions, but then got lazy and used their relationship as an excuse to pen a few easy episodes.

    They've really gone off the deep end trying to inject some interpersonal strife between the main characters. The breakup was so badly mishandled, they broke up over essentially nothing. I think I spent most of that episode staring at the screen with a confused look on my face thinking "are they serious?".

    For a start Angela is supposed to be the down-to-earth sensible, experienced one, but her reasoning was the sort of thing you expect to read in a 16 year old's break up note.
  9. Jax

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    Just to let you all know Bones is on a break until November 5th since they have done 7 episodes already, I dunno why they didn't give Bones 24 episode season since they missed out on 7 last year and 1 before that.