Biggest "Tear-Jerker" Moments in Trek

Discussion in 'General Trek Discussion' started by Captain Clark Terrell, Sep 21, 2013.

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    Plus, she's crazy and has no fear.
  2. Mario de Monti

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    Jun 10, 2013
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    ENT´s "Similitude", when Sim pleads for his life - especially his line "How am I not Trip?!" - always brings tears to my eyes. It´s such a powerful scene, IMO, so well acted and you can imagine what he must be feeling.
  3. Captrek

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    May 24, 2009
    When you think about it, that line implies that the only thing Sim is being asked to sacrifice is his memories of the last ten days. If Sim is Trip, then Trip is Sim.
  4. Mario de Monti

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    Jun 10, 2013
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    True. But both of them are conscious beings, Sim no less than Trip. He is asked to give up his life for Trip and willingly, too. Plus, those 10 days represent his whole life.

    Anyway, when I am moved to tears by a scene, I hardly ever think about it logically ... otherwise I´d never ever shed a tear, since it´s all just TV shows and movies, not real life ;)

  5. Captrek

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    May 24, 2009
    Those 10 days do not represent his whole life if you credit his "How am I not Trip?" argument. The entirety of his personal experience consists of 37 years of being Trip and 10 days of being Sim. To undergo the operation is to sacrifice the 10 days in order to preserve the 37 years. That sounds like a bargain to me.
  6. Dr. Chandra

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    Voyager's episode "Drone", when the 29th century Borg risks his life to save the ship, then sacrifices himself to prevent the collective from hunting Voyager down...yikes.
  7. Noddy

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    Jul 29, 2013
    I don't know about actually making me cry, but these moments in ST III do stir my emotions:

    - Kirk's reaction when he's told that his son has just been murdered.

    - Kruge getting kicked off the cliff and being swallowed by the lava. Good bloody riddance!!

    - Kirk and Spock being beamed up as the Genesis Planet tears itself apart around them.

    - The last scene, with Spock taking his hood off and looking at Kirk, and then the original TOS theme tune as the sun comes up over the Vulcan horizon, and then it goes into Horner's theme. Beautiful and epic.
  8. Spockkirk

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    Jan 1, 2014
    Haven't actually cried but I've been very close to it:

    1. Spock's death man that scene kills my heart!!!!!!!!!

    2. Spock's funeral and Kirk's speech. Kirk's trying so hard not to cry and I just wanna hug him!!!!!

    3. Kirk and Spock's reunion at Vulcan

    4. Spock thinking he's killed Kirk in Amok time

    5. McCoy dying....Man I was so freaking close to sobbing out loud here!!!!

    6. Kirk losing it and ready to cry in the elevator at start of Star trek 3

    7. Kirk and Spock's dad mind melding Star trek 3
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    May 24, 2009
    Shore Leave?
  10. Coloratura

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    Speaking of, the scene in Star Trek V where McCoy has to relive his father's death does make me tear up, even now. Man, that whole scene was just powerful for me.
  11. Saito S

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    Mar 16, 2009
    There have been a few scenes that make me tear up, several of which have been mentioned; the final scenes of the final episode of both TNG and DS9, the final scenes in "Duet" (Kira and Marritza's last conversation in the cell, as well as the very end of the episode), and the final scenes with the Doc and his family in "Real Life", all come to mind as being among the most prominent such moments for me.

    Another one that I really like is in DS9's "Accession". Kira, feeling she must follow her d'jarra, resigns as XO, and comments that Sisko shouldn't have trouble replacing her. To which he replies: "I don't doubt that I can find someone to fill your post. But to replace you?" His tone of voice and the look in both of their eyes make it a touching scene that really shows how much they have come to respect one another, despite - or perhaps in part because of - the unique difficulties they've had to overcome in order to function well as a team.

    However, topping them all is Picard addressing the crew to inform them of Sito's death at the end of "Lower Decks", with the reactions of her friends, and then the Ten-Forward scene that follows. That whole sequence is masterfully done and really gets me like nothing else in Trek does (and the episode itself is one of the best in the entire franchise).
  12. LMFAOschwarz

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    Oct 1, 2013
    Maybe it has something to do with getting older, or just that I'm squishy and sentimental but didn't realize how much. But for reasons unbeknownst even to me, the Doctor and Seven of Nine singing You Are My Sunshine gets me to well up. Go figure... :shrug:

    And yes, Real Life is a killer. To me the episode went from me thinking "Oh boy, this episode is going to be dumb." to eventually me crying like a cook in a roomful of onions.

    And I wasn't even much of a Voyager fan!
  13. dub

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    Sep 13, 2012
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    I didn't cry, but it was a very beautiful scene. Probably one of my favorites of the series.
  14. Smellmet

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    Aug 5, 2013
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    1: The entire sequence in TWOK from 'you'd better get down here' to the end credits.
    2: Data's death and the wine toast in Nemesis
    3: Flyby/launch of the Enterprise in TMP
    4: Kirks voice over and the signatures at the end of TUC
    5: Launch of the Enterprise in TUC
    6: Pikes death in STID
    7: Prestons death in TWOK (directors cut only)
    8: Kirks 'death' in STID
  15. Anika Hanson

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    Aug 30, 2008
    1. Spock's death in TWOk
    2. Data's death in Nemesis
    3. Measure of a man-TNG Data's treatment
    4. DS9- The visitor
    5. ENT- Stigma T'pol's treatment
    6. Death of George Kirk -Star Trek 2009
    7. Death of Amanda - Star Trek 2009
    8. DS9-Duet (many scenes)
  16. Sector 7

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    Ditto for me.
    I, too, love this scene. I still have conflicting views about the episode.

    Spock's death and funeral, as mentioned, tear me up each time. I thought the death scene in STiD was well done. Spock's "Khan!" was just as moving as Kirk's, IMO.
  17. 2takesfrakes

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    Yes! I did get misty-eyed over his stepping out of Sick Bay and reporting that Data's "hands were moving fast than I could see" to stay ahead of the cascading breakdowns. The simple fact of what he's reporting, the implications of it and his personal reaction - along with the actor's great delivery, here - hit all the marks. Maybe that little scene, and speech, are just there to manipulate the audience into feeling bad about this situation, I don't know. But having a third party, especially one who's an asshole, come out emotionally shaken ... it added so much more weight, I thought, rather than actually showing what happened in there.
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    "Let him dream."
  19. I am not Spock

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    -'The Offspring'
    -'The Inner Light' with the flute at the end. I'm a guy, and it makes me tear up
    -'The Visitor'
    -the moment when Voyager establishes contact with Starfleet in 'Pathfinder'
    -The death of baby Elizabeth in 'Terra Prime'. A very well acted scene by Connor Trineer and Jolene Blalock
    -The death of Kirk in 'Generations'
    - the final poker game in 'All Good Things'
    -Data crying at the end of 'Generations' makes me cry
  20. Runetouch

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    Jan 22, 2014
    Spock's death, of course. I didn't cry, because I don't cry. I get sad when seeing sad stuff, but I don't cry. But nevertheless, that scene touched me all right.