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    See, I told you it was a busy night for me.

    This is the last one for today. We are making a big change [Rocky Squirrel voice] again [/Rocky Squirrel voice].

    TNZ is going back to TNZ old. TNZ of freedom. Here is how it works.

    Trolling/flaming warnings = bye bye. Warnings will be rare and for illegalities, porn or physical threats.

    You MUST have a thick skin to join this opt-in place from now on. If someone flames you or trolls you, deal with it. It's the Wild West. Pull out your six-shooter or get out of Dodge. No more mod notifies if a fight breaks out.

    However....the TNZ mods have one special power. IF they think that a poster is ONLY there to make trouble and not to discuss, they may remove the poster from the forum. There will be no appeal to me, it will be their forum to run.

    Which will mean that you can fight with people, but if you're only there to stir up crap, or spam, you'll be tossed.

    This will be more like the Red Room over at WF (Thanks guys. I steal all of my best ideas from other boards. :D), except for the removal bit. I don't think that part will get used very often. I've only had perhaps 3 involuntarily removed from TNZ since it began.


    He's picking on me! Can't I notify a mod to help, or post in M.A. to complain if I'm unhappy?
    -- Nope. Fight back or suck it up. If you post something outrageous or unpopular, have the cojones to deal with the results. No running to the mods or to M.A.

    This will be ghastly. It'll turn into a cesspool!
    -- Initially, there will be bloodletting. However, once the novelty wears off, we think things will settle.

    What about civil debate?
    -- There is still room for civil debate. If someone says something mean to you, you can always avoid responding. ;)

    I got warned in TNZ today. This isn't fair! Can't you let me off the hook?
    -- No. Tough luck. :p

    You may discuss this in the thread located in QSF.