Big Bang Uniforms

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    I don't watch Big Bang Theory, but the youtube clip showed up in my feed and caught my eye. Are the guys wearing actual TNG costumes? They look more like old TNG uniforms from storage than cosplay uniforms. The poor fit also suggested to me they just found the uniforms best able to fit each actor.
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    I'm pretty sure they're mock-ups, designed deliberately because they - like you or me who doesn't do it for a living - isn't going to have an easy time sewing their own mock-up that fits decently.

    At least in-universe.

    And somehow I doubt the red outfit was worn by Wil Wheaton...

    It's the sartorial version of "Hollywood Ugly" because, again, in real life, if they tried to make their own the fit would be a lot, lot worse.

    Or they bought them from a third party costumier, and couldn't get their sizes right. Amounts to the same thing.
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    The uniforms worn on Big Bang were a cross promotion with Anovos, who provided the uniforms and were, at the time, about to release their TNG line of licensed replicas.

    In fact, the TOS uniforms seen on Big Bang were also Anovos.
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