Best of What Worlds, Exactly?

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    Best of Both Worlds.

    The Borg--Combine organics and technology to achieve perfection, the best of both (organic&technological) worlds.

    Riker--Wants to stay aboard the Enterprise, also wants to be a starship captain. In this circumstance he gets both, the best of both worlds (be captain & stay on the Enterprise)

    Locutus--Riker wants to stop the Borg and save Earth. Riker wants to save Picard by abducting Locutus. Riker can either take his shot at the Borg cube to defeat them OR rescue Picard from the Borg cube.

    Riker gets lucky. He defeats the Borg AND gets to rescue Picard. Riker gets the best of both worlds.

    I used to recall a few more examples, maybe with Shelby.
    In any case, more than enough to earn the title "Best of Both Worlds".
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    Shelby's strategy was used, and not used.
  3. Christopher

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    Good catch, I like that, but it can't have been part of the rationale for the title, since they didn't know how the story would end when they wrote (and named) part 1. So it's just lucky that it fits the title after the fact.
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    Way to go dude. You just gave the suits the theme song for their new Borg-centric Star Trek series.
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    Mr. Adventure
    They were probably rocking to Van Hagar while writing this episode.
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    I always took it as a double entendre, reflecting on both the Borg and Picard. The Borg are a balance between organism & machine, as well as the individual and the collective, & as such consider themselves superior, by being benefactor of both those "worlds", the ability to absorb & benefit from the knowledge of individuals, like Picard's knowledge of Starfleet tactics & tech, coupled with the hive mind that determines how best to use their accumulated knowledge & resources

    Whereas, it is solely because of Picard calling upon both is individuality and his connection to the Borg collective that allowed them to prevail. Him benefiting from both those world's is what ultimately saves them all
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    Doing a TNG screencap compilation I came across a scene from BoBW and made some comments to illustrate my interpretation.


    I really love both designs which we didn't see that often and here they are together in one screencap.

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    Jul 6, 2011
    I always took it to mean that the Enterprise and the Borg cube were the best of their competing worlds. That the crew's reactions--to think outside of the box to beat the Borg--was a counter-weight to the Borg's ingenious plan to assimilate Picard (until it led to their downfall). I guess that's not right, however.
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    Oh, no worries -- I don't think there's a "right" answer to this sort of thing. But then again, that's a sign of a great title, that it could have so many meanings and lead to a lot of subtext.