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    Jul 22, 2018
    I recently (within this past week) discovered the 1973 made-for-TV movie (and series pilot) "Baffled" starring Leonard Nimoy and Vera Miles was available to watch at no extra cost for Amazon Prime members - so I did.

    Now I remember seeing "Baffled" on television when it originally air but that was 40+ years ago and I hadn't seen it since, therefore, I jumped at this newfound opportunity. The biggest surprise, for me, was how well it held up. It was very well done in a Hitchcockian style. Like most of that time it started slow and took time to define it's characters and premise. In this case, Leonard Nimoy plays a race car driver, Tom Chester Kovack, who suddenly starts receiving psychic visions. He is then sought out by Michele Brent (Susan Hampshire) to help solve a mystery of the supernatural variety at an inn on the English coast.

    The effect of seeing Kovack's visions was well done. Many productions of the time seemed to go heavy handed on things like that while "Baffled" kept it pretty straightforward. clean and conservative. The scene where Kovack gets his first vision while racing was especially effective in this age before CGI. Of course seeing Leonard Nimoy in a role where he displays emotion adds to the attraction. So many roles he took up seemed to limit his characters to a single note. Here he gets a bit of range.

    Anyway, I do recommend it for those who have Amazon Prime. Overall, I'd give it a solid "B" and definitely wish it had gone to series.
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    I seem to remember murder mysteries that came on in the 1980s-1990s--perhaps from overseas. Each one seemed to have a theme. One killer seemed to like to use blunt instruments--a Buddha statue in a hankie in one, a hammer in another....
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    I said out, dammit!
    It's free on Shout factory too - my wife almost left me for choosing it as a Saturday night movie. :lol:

    The bad rear-screen effect of him driving the race car was hysterical.