Bad Spinoff Ideas

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    Doctor Who?

    Series about a Doctor that travels the land doing surgeries and solving medical mysteries. Only the doctor's actual name is Lewis Who
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    Ross & Sheldon

    Ross Gellar having been kicked out of the house by Rachel decides to follow Joey to California. After annoying Joey too much, he goes for a walk in the non existent rain and meets up with Sheldon Cooper at the comic book store. Ross begins to talk about gas, and Sheldon finds it fascinating. They soon realize just how much they both like science, and Sheldon decides to leave Amy and all his other friends behind and set off on scientific adventures with his new best friend Ross.
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    Young Britta

    Britta Perry’s high school dropout years. Protesting all the things.

    Young Liz

    Liz Lemon, as an aggressively antisocial child traumatizing all her friends.

    Young Jerry

    Gary Gurgich as a young government employee, keeping his head down and doing his job to the letter.

    Young Michael

    Michael Scott, a young child desperate for friendship who dresses in suits and slicks back his hair as he interacts awkwardly with the other kids. Then goes home and watches tacky comedy, and goes to school and copies it, not understanding why it isn’t working.

    The more I develop that one in my brain the less I think it’s a bad idea.