Babylon 5... movies?!?

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    ...the entire show is told from a future perspective since the opening narration of the show is Londo recounting how he "was there at the dawn of the third age", which according to the In the Beginning Novel took place shortly before Luc & Lyssa came in. Also there's the opening credits of each season which for the first four seasons at least is narrated in the past tense by various characters and the closers to season 2 & 3 end with a past tense narration from Ivanova & G'Kar respectively. Then of course at the end of "Sleeping In Light" we find the whole thing is an historical docu-drama made by ISN.
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    Colonel Midnight
    ^ True, but I always just see that as a homage to LOTR (Lord of the Rings, not Legend of the Rangers). :p

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    That's true, but I consider Sheridan's narration to be an extra level of framing beyond the whole of the series. The fact that he identifies both the end of the (spoiler) that happens before the movie as well as the resolution of the (second spoiler) that happens after the movie seems to set it apart. But I go back and forth on it. The last time I watched the series through, I placed the movie in season four.