Avoiding the male/female gender issue of the next Doctor

Discussion in 'Doctor Who' started by Timelord Victorious, Mar 11, 2020.

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    by making the Doctor androgynous/gender fluid with the prefered pronouns of “they/them”.

    that should shut up everyone who just can not deal with her being a woman.
    Also the inevitable backlash of feminist fans, if they turn him back to a man, making Jodie a one time gimmick (at least temporarily).

    and if you can’t tell, I am kidding a bit here (I would still cheer a decision like this, though hardly expect anyone would free light it within the next century).
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    Make the next Doctor a black homosexual Muslim Mexican incel, and whatever other persecuted groups you can think of. I’d watch it, and empathize.
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    It's not a matter of the leader character being played by a female, it's about the show moving in directions that the audience isn't interested in.
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    The fact they made Jo Martin's Doctor genuinely interesting in her episode proves it.
  5. Jayson1

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    Mar 21, 2017
    The problem with the last two seasons wasn't just she was a female. Clearly when you do a gender swap like that some people will be upset because some people are sexist and also some people just like seeing someone like themselves in the role and others because of tradition. My theory on things like this is when you gender or race swap that your always going to have some controversary at first but the quality of the show or movie will always be enough to win over even most of the biggest skeptics. Like how on Battlestar Galatica their was issues with gender switching Starbuck at first but then the show ended up being great and that issue basically went away.

    The reason the last two seasons are unpopular is because the politics has been as subtle as a sledgehammer. Political commentary always runs the risk of being preachy or even worst uneducated if the arguments they make don't hold up to reality and why you always need good writing to make the political arguments feel natural and like your actually trying to explore a issue as opposed to just getting up on soapbox. The show has failed in this regards. Plus the show has written the Doctor as being as not being clever as past Doctors and has watered down the weirdness to boot. Plus to many campions and the Doctor has a tendency to slink into the background of stories.

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