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Fan Art Challenge Winner
August's contest challenged us to enter the world of Star Trek Movies. The curtain is lifting, the lights are dimming, snacks are on hand (unless you ate them all before the trailers), but which presentation will you be giving the awards to?

We have three movie inspired entries for you to chose from. The winner of the poll will sport the "Fan Art Challenge Winner" banner for the remainder of the month and has the honour of hosting September's Storyboard Challenge (see here for details).

You have only ONE vote this month and here are the entries:

A Trek film that will never be, the Kelvin timeline gender-flipped universe of Parallel Lives meets the Doomsday Machine done in the Tiny Trek style.

Ink sketch of the Cetacean Probe with George & Gracie.


The end of Deep Space Nine rounded off most of the storylines nicely, so I guess it didn't really need a movie, but it would have been nice to get one...


Thanks for voting. :bolian:
A well deserved win, @ashleytinger, congrats! You now have the honour of hosting September's Storyboard contest (by posting the main entry and voting threads). Let me know if you need any help with that.

Thanks to everyone who entered and voted! :bolian: