Contest: VOTE August 2017 Art Challenge — Final Poll

August 2017 Art Challenge — “Ready Player One-Seven-Zero-One”

  • B.J.

    Votes: 2 7.4%
  • BorgMan

    Votes: 3 11.1%
  • DeMilburn

    Votes: 6 22.2%
  • Laura Cynthia Chambers

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • M

    Votes: 11 40.7%
  • Orac

    Votes: 5 18.5%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Good Bad Influence
Sorry for the delay on the poll, guys. Originally I was going to wait to hear back from @BorgMan, because I wasn't sure what he wanted to use as his final entry. But to avoid a longer delay I'm just going ahead now with the more likely entry and post the voting thread now. @BorgMan, please contact me if you want me to change your entry in the poll. :)

This month I challenged the forum to visualize a Star Trek video game that never was. Many fine and highly creative pieces were submitted and are presented below in an equalized thumbnail fashion – click on the thumbnails to view them in glorious high-definition!

A million thanks to every participant! And now: happy voting!




@Laura Cynthia Chambers


^ Thank you, @Finn! And many thanks once again to everyone who voted for my entry. I really do appreciate it. This was a fun month with many fine contributions. :)

As for the next contest, I'm kinda out of ideas for a new theme, to be honest. And I would love to get suggestions from you guys. Does anyone have a good idea for this month?
I always wanted to see some kind of news page like the front page of a major paper.
I always wanted to see some kind of news page like the front page of a major paper.
I really like the idea and immediately have ideas in my mind, but I wonder if it defines the parameters of the end result too narrowly. I prefer challenges that let every contestant decide for themselves what kind of medium their entry will end up. I don't know, what do others think? Also, like @Mapper, I'm very curious what the other contestants would like to see. :)
Man, sorry i missed the vote...i would have voted for M as well, but Orac used the setting for my favorite game, Galaga... would've have loved to see more of it!