Are we forgetting why Spock is a great character?

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    This is very true, and it's pretty true of all other Vulcans, too. It's not that they aren't feeling anything, it's that they don't express it openly, they don't talk much about it, etc. I think if you watch TOS or any of the first several trek movies, it's pretty obvious that Spock has and expresses feelings. He just doesn't tend to allow these to make him behave illogically. And just look at any time any Vulcan is acting all prooud of how their race has conquered their past of being overly-emotional, and how smug and superior they seem when dealing with humans doing silly things.

    All that being said, I *still* think NuSpock cranking it up to 11 is a bit much, and it does bother me.

    The reason there is an emotional impact when Nimoy Spock gets all mushy about his friendship with Kirk, or when Saavik sheds a tear, is because Vulcans usually don't. So that means it's meaningful when they do. When NuSpock is being overemotional all the time, it cheapens it, in my opinion.

    I mean, I get that it's different, that he has experienced different things, etc. But for me, I guess I just keep forgetting he's supposed to be part Vulcan at all.

    As for Nimoy Spock in the later movies, I always thought that was more about things like the whole V-ger incident and dying, and eventually realizing that logic is important, but so is emotion. He does change and become more human but it's just jarring to see NuSpock being emotional in an unrestrained way, after seeing Nimoy Spock gradually accepting that having emotions and showing them is ok and even a good thing.

    And sure, alternate timeline and all, but then, you can't really expect people who watched TOS and the old movies and have been watching them over and over for decades to just simply *not* compare OldSpock and NuSpock. I can't really help doing so.

    But then, I will attempt to keep an open mind and see what comes after this.