Are there any TNG-era or later fan-films that use physical sets?

Discussion in 'Fan Productions' started by DCR, Apr 20, 2013.

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    May 16, 2006
    i would think that corridors such as those on the defiant class and while they aren't really TNG era i would think that NX style corridors would be easy to construct...

    and with how modular some of those sets looked, depending on how you build the sets you could always move sections of the corridors to represent walls for generalized rooms, quarters, mess halls. Thats what became of the runabout aft section, from timescape.

    and if you look at the Prometheus, nova, and DS9's Miranda, and nebula class bridge's they are all redresses from the excelsior bridge. Which Project Potemkin has built a similar bridge. When they were brainstorming ways for an engineering i recommended a redress of their bridge set.
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    Which we loved the idea. It's very doable, and we may actually use it for a Gorn bridge completely reconfigured.
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    I don't believe that's the case in the UK. My impression is that TOS is just as popular as TNG here, if not moreso.
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    Could be. My Fan Filmmakers Map (which excludes abandon fan films like Hyperion) shows 11 films in the UK. 2 are either in both TNG and TOS or indeterminate. 1 is Enterprise era. Of the other 8, 5 are TNG and 3 are TOS. That's pretty close.

    The Netherlands and the Czech Republic each have 1 TNG era film.

    I know of NO TOS era fan films in Germany, either.

    So, good point!