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    yeah I thought it was really dumb that Worf was not recognized but Sisko was.

    No they didn't. I just looked at his ridges in apocalypse rising and compared them to a normal episode, they are completely identical.

    Ridges or not, Worf's face is very easy to see, and Gowron and Changling-Martok both know him. Gowron knows him very well, and I'm sure he has some notoriety in the Empire... at least enough to warrant a line or two in the script about the dangers of worf being recognized. Realistically the characters should be worried about that. I think the writers were counting on us forgetting or something.
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    Were there any female klingons amongst the candidates partying in the hall? I cant recall seeing any so if there were female klingons there they must have been few in number.

    Maybe the reason they took O'Brien rather than Dax was because being female she was more likely to attract unwanted attention form the many increasingly drunken males intent on showcasing their masculinity. Not that she wouldnt have been able to handle it but it would have made setting up the relays unnoticed quite difficult.
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    Well there was at least one female. She received a medal from Gowron.
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    On the other hand, she could be used as a distraction, if she was kept on the other side of the room, to keep everyone from looking where the Relays were being placed
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    Hmm. A few Worf foreheads from DS9....

    "Way of the Warrior":

    "Apocalypse Rising", before:

    "Apocalypse Rising", after:

    The ridges are the same, but the beard is gone and the hair is worn differently. Perhaps the heroes felt that it would prove advantageous at some point for Worf to reveal himself and appeal to the Klingons? That wouldn't be easy if Worf wore a false face.

    Timo Saloniemi
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    I'm willing to say that with the Klingon Empire consisting of so many people and stretching across many planets, the odds of the average guy picking out Worf was pretty much zero. It's not like he's got a reality show, you know? They do make mention of him steering clear of Gowron, if I recall, and that was probably enough. Even he probably wouldn't recognize him outside of his "child's uniform."

    "Kletus the Slack-Jawed Klingon," :lol::guffaw::lol::guffaw::lol:

    As for Jadzia in Klingon make-up... that would have made more sense and would have been totally awesome to see, but I doubt Worf would have been able to handle that. They would have never left the metal slab in his quarters.

    (and yes, I know we are still a few episodes away from them being together at this point, but seeing her as a Klingon woman would have definitely sped things up.)