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    Writing a Trek fic could take place, or start off in the late 2410's on a new, experimental vessel that's been given the mission to explore the void outside our galaxy. We assume nothing is out there, but what if we're wrong? What if there is something in that darkness between galaxies that sensors just haven't been able to pick up due to range, radiation interference? Maybe it's cloaked, who knows? Could be any reason, like even the great barrier prevents even the 25th Centuries tech from penetrating it.

    Having the Quantum Slipstream and Trans-warp drives in that time period definitely would make the journey possible I think, though I could also have them go around the galaxy recruiting from multiple races beforehand. Nothing wrong with having a very diverse crew - although... guess it makes no sense why they couldn't just get to the ship on their own either. *shrugs*

    Even with the time frame being 2410's, I do want to go back to the TOS department color scheme. Gold for Command, Blue for Sci and Med, and Red for Eng/ Security. Mainly a personal preference as I always felt Gold being the Command Color gave Trek a kind of uniqueness. Least imho.

    Just curious on everyone's thoughts and opinions on this Trek fic concept, and open to suggestions and/ or questions.
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    Who are the characters?
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    ^ What he said.