Another clip: "Ears burning?"

Discussion in 'Star Trek Movies: Kelvin Universe' started by Admiral Buzzkill, May 2, 2013.

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    Something just hit me.

    Getting from engineering to the bridge in a couple of seconds with the turbolift should be easy. If there is a turbolift tube going on in a straight line between the two, you can do it in about 10 seconds if you're accelerating with about 1g. All you have to do is apply artificial gravity of 1g in the direction of the acceleration, and voilĂ , you are having a smooth 10 second ride. And 1g should be easy for the gravity generators.

    From there, getting the turbolift move slower as the plot requires it is easy. Not all rides will have a direct tube, and switching directions and tubes is slow. Sometimes there will be a lift in the tube already. Also, if I am wrong and gravity generation is ship-wide only, 1g and bigger acceleration might be available but used only in emergencies, and certainly this was an emergency.

    Why would anyone complain about this? ;)
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    That video made me sad, the comments made me laugh.

    "Shallow tripe" my ass.
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    More like Felicity. Same guy, you know.
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    i never watched felicity and i'm glad all of you got a chuckle out of this.
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    Kirk and Uhura are entertainingly human and informal in this clip. Since that's more than Shatner and Nichols usually managed, or were permitted to attempt, in six previous TOS-based movies it's something of an accomplishment. :cool:
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    I think "permitted to attempt" had a lot to do with it, at least as far as Shatner goes (I've seen enough of his work to know he can do more than what he displayed in Trek--can't say the same about Nichols as I've only ever seen her in Trek).
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    Not so sure that it's's actually a well-done clip and I laughed at it. But the attitude that inspired the guy to make it is dumb. Why can't people just accept evolution and sit back and be entertained? The comments on that video act like every episode and movie of Trek was flawless and how dare they remake it. Just makes me sigh, really.
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    WARS have been started over much less trivial items. WARS, I tell you! :vulcan:
    Me, too! :techman:
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    I'm just praying it never becomes a real show.
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    I loved that clip. Pure TOS chemistry between the actors, especially when Kirk passes Spock and utters "Ears burning?" It was great.

    Liking the return to the more informal almost friend/family that TOS crew developed throughout the show/movie series.

    This clip and the Carol Marcus meeting are making me want to see this damn movie even more.

    I don't care if purists are pissed, this looks like a great movie. Sit back relax and take a load off for two hours.