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    There are a lot of ladies named Annika in the U.S. who happen to be American; it's a beautiful name. Well fit for Jeri Ryan.
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    At least her surname wasn't "Drink" or "Tinkel"...
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    A lot of people seem to think there has to be a Scandinavian link, but there's no need at all to think that. Her parents were free spirits, and they could've named her whatever they wanted to, even something as foreign as a Bajoran name if they felt like it. The writers picked a name that was awkward at best whenever anyone tried to use it on her, so Seven stuck.
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    Annika is the name of one of the main characters in the Pippi Longstocking books (series of children's novels by Swedish author Astrid Lindgren).

    There's a prolific fanfic author who writes Chakotay/Seven stories (she's good at making him halfway interesting), and writes some of the dialogue in Swedish (with translations, of course).