Annika Hansen day?

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    Is 9th of July Seven of Nine day, 2019 7.9?

    Did you get it? :)

    Or is it in September 7th of 9th, 2019?

    Depends if you live is the States or Europe or somewhere else?
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  2. NewHeavensNewEarth

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    Jan 16, 2019
    For Seven's true fans, every day is Sevenday.
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    There's already a religion for that, but how difficult is it to become a Seven's Day Adventist? Only Locutus knows for sure...
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  4. Boris Skrbic

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    Dec 14, 2010
    February 22, of course, because of the injoke-pattern assigning actors’ birthdates to their characters, which is how Picard’s birthday became July 13 on an okudagram. (Since stardates should be confusing, we can ignore the calculation “converting” 25479 to June 24.)
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    Annika Hansen day should be 24 June.

    From the Kes Website:
    Seven Of Nine: Born 24 June 2348 (Stardate 25479.5)

    Comment: According to Memory Alpha, Seven Of Nine (or Annika Hansen) was born at Stardate 25479 which according to my Stardate Calculator is 24 June 2348. However, Memory Alpha states her year of birth to 2350 while Memory Beta states her year of birth to 2348. I prefer to go with Memory Beta here since my Stardate Calculator states Stardate 25479 as 24 june 2348.

    Visit the Kes Website and the link "Voyager Birthdays" for more information about the crewmembers birthdays!