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    Mar 8, 2020
    I figured this would be tidier than posting a new thread every time I do some Trek scribbling. :hugegrin: Links below go to the story so far over on AO3. I'll add direct chapter links when any of them gets an update.

    Live Life As It Happens - Kelvin-verse. Billy Rocks is a runaway, property of the Orion Syndicate. Goodnight Robicheaux is Starfleet security, and never could mind his own business. Mag7 fusion.

    More Alive To Tenderness - Star Trek: Picard. In which Elnor gets to honor his oath, Hugh survives his encounter with Narissa, and the xB insurrection and Seven's isolated collective aboard the Artifact aren't even Hugh's biggest concerns upon waking. Part gap-filler, part fix-it 'fic, all AU.