Am I alone in preferring the odd numbered TOS films?

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    I just heard a writer I otherwise agree with on many things bash The Motion Picture. I almost jotted off a VERY STERN letter.
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    I have been getting all into TMP, lately. Watching "making of" documentaries and interviews and such ... finding out all sorts of things about it that I wasn't really aware of, before. TMP's still the classiest STAR TREK movie out there and that sophistication about it gives it a freshness that the other movies find it hard to match. What can I say about it that hasn't been said for many, many decades, by now? It's everything a STAR TREK fan could've hoped for. Yes, it could've been more "exciting," but it couldn't have been better made. Eye candy from start to finish that continues to inspire. The poster itself is out in reissue, now, and it looks great! One of a kind ...

    Nimoy was the perfect choice for director of The Search for Spock. Vulcan is presented in a way that just nails the right tonality for it. It's mysterious and intriguing and some of the matt paintings not only still stand up, today, they still stand out today as some of the most beautiful works of art in a STAR TREK movie. And when Spock is returned to the series, nobody else could've handled it so adroitly as Nimoy did. Nobody else. They would've kind of been like, "... well here he is, folks! What else did you expect, right?" But Spock's return weighs in just right, under Nimoy's direction and besides all that, TSFS introduced so much to the franchise that's still a big part of it, like the Klingon Bird of Prey. And, most surprising of all, unlike Shatner, Nimoy reveals that he considers himself a part of a team with his STAR TREK cast and gives everyone their moment to shine in this movie. Shakespearean themes abound, lots of big emotions, lots of lightning. Like TMP, it was a game changer, for STAR TREK and it, too, promised that "The Human Adventure Continues ..." which it certainly does, to this day.

    TFF is Bill's vision for STAR TREK. It's how he sees it and what he thinks it's about. Like TMP, it too, is unexpected and often misunderstood. And you know, this franchise had always kind of tip-toed around God, only making occasional bold statements about it, like telling Apollo that "... we find the one (God) to be enough (for us/our needs)." Or Uhura's certainty that the supposed Sun-worshippers of a Roman Empire-like planet were actually worshipping The Son of God. But these were very rare and just sort of tacked on, rather part of the story. TFF actually dared to "go there," and honestly ... that kind of took some guts on Shatner's part. And were it not for the surprise success of TVH, it probably would've never gotten green-lit, in the first place. And then, when word of mouth finally caught up with TFF and it started to fall short, eventually, STAR TREK returned to the kinds of stories it knew it could do well and I'd argue that Shatner was kind of responsible, in that sense, for helping the franchise recognise its own limits.
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    Not seeing any pattern in the odd/even sequence.

    TMP was visually interesting, but also dull. Not one I’m ever compelled to just put on.

    TWOK is an old favourite, hits all the right notes, but it now maybe over watched to objective about it.

    TSFS. What’s not to love? Christopher Lloyd, stealing the enterprise, space dock, the excelsior, that captured Klingon vessel.

    TVH, it’s nice and it’s silly. It’s fun, but if it was Dr Who, TVH would be a Christmas special, by RTD.

    TFF has problems but from the guy digging holes right through through to Row Row Row your boat back round the campfire, I’ll loved every minute.

    TUC. Also liked this. I liked the claustrophobic atmosphere and the dirty uniforms and the stubble. I loved the clock on the bridge and the sense of peril. But pink blood?!

    GEN. Maybe it’s the banging soundtrack, but it’s one of my favourites. A bad guy that isn’t mad, or evil. No malice or vengeance, just tragic and obsessive desperation and loss.

    FC, Action movie, Borg, goodo.

    INS: I do struggle with a couple of hefty contrivances, but what a place to raise the kids.

    NEM. I can’t account for why I keep returning to this unwatchable dross but I do, and for all it’s failings, it is forgiven.

    Reboot stuff don’t count.

    So on balance, I like the Trek movies.
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    May 2, 2005
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    Ha! That's perfect! And I take it as a compliment!
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