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    Hello! I have a strong interest in anything related to science, and have since I was a young kid. I developed an interest in dinosaurs and space (but that's pretty common) when I was around 6 years old, and it never faded.

    I have a degree in physics and astronomy with a focus on planetary sciences and I did some geology in university. Ideally, I would've loved to have studied Mars or various natural satellites of the solar system. But getting a job in this field is incredibly difficult, so that never happened. However, I've kept a close eye on space science news, as well as others. Still love dinosaurs, though. I almost chose palaeontology to study in university.

    I also love technology, especially advanced gadgets and eco-friendly energy sources. Hoping for fusion to become a reality one of these days. Star Trek was one thing that encouraged me to study space, and I've been hooked ever since.
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    I just now noticed you have a new "who am I" thread. I guess the old one got to big? I posted in the original thread when the forum first opened, whenever that was.

    For myself, I am a retired know-it-all, and am always right. LOL. For now, and this changes, my main field of scientific interest is ancient earth, planet formation, and the beginnings of life. I lose interest in earth history real quickly if it starts to involve those pesky humans.

    I also find in retirement I read more science and much less science fiction. When I was young, I read way more science fiction and not a whole lot of science. Not sure if age has anything to do with that, or just that writers don't seem to be able to write a scifi book without a dozen sequels anymore.

    And I'm huge NASA fan. I've got shortcuts on my explorer bar to several NASA project sites.

    EDIT: just now noticed this IS the original thread, and there I am on the 1st page. Old age an pot must be conspiring against my memory. I will say in my defense, my little avatar icon was missing from the thread bar making me think I hadn't posted in the thread, but it's there now.
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