Alien Anthology (Blu-Ray release) review thread

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    I just got it this week and yes the first film's 4k telecine really shines on the HD version here. Hardly any big grain and great contast and black levels. It does not look like a 1970s movie for 90% of the film.
    Also checked out "Aliens" and also looks great. I'm looking forward to the group commentaries i haven't heard yet.

    It's been over 10 years since i saw the 3rd and 4th films so also great to get these. Thanks for mentioning the sound fx added and mix on 3rd film.
    The composers original isolated score and final theatrical isolated score on "aliens" is interesting how much it changed and great to hear both married to picture.

    The documentaries are really great and some of the footage is 16mm film and great to see them use a number of interviews over the years.

    On the Aliens docu. For "the power of real tech visualFX" it has many great shots the VFX crew did and stories.

    I can highly recommend this blu-ray set if you are a fan of even just the first 2 films. After seeing "Prometheus" at the cinema i really wanted to see this again and this is really the way to see it.
    Has anyone else got this recently?
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