A TOS resurgence?

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    I also was born in Sept 1966. TOS is a favorite for me, but the refit era is always modern Trek in my mind somehow. The TOS cast thrust into danger.

    TOS could be a bit creepy at times, but post ALIEN, post Empire Strikes Back--space became dangerous. The slasher films of the 1980s--it all made TOS innocent, and I like to see the TOS cast navigate this dangerous new world.

    In my own little alternate universe, the Refit era continued, we had a Star Trek/Star Wars cross-over around 1986--a little playing around with that.

    An asteroid strike demands an increase in real space spending, and we see Starfleet academy, and Enterprise around 1987.

    Instead of JJ, Star Trek the Next Generation starts in 2009, and we see Probert and Sternbach just starting out, the TNG cast somehow the 1987 age but in 2009-- and Enterprise D hits the screen but with modern effects. The wonder of Avatar blends into TNG--as it deserved to.

    That is how Trek should have went.
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    So...did the TOS films have any of that either? No, they didn't. So it really has nothing to do with the Abrams movies, it has to do with what the script writers for any feature films can convey in a two-hour period of time.

    Now if there was a TV series based on nuTrek, there's no reason whatsoever that Spock couldn't have similar characteristics as the Spock from TOS, since his character would be written by television scriptwriters on a weekly basis, not movie scriptwriters for one film. But that would be up to whoever is writing his character.

    Remember, none of these people are real. Their actions are completely at the whims of whoever is penning the story for that episode. Remember Scotty in "Lights of Zetar?" Up to that point (and then everything after that point), one would assume based on what they know of the character that Scotty would never fall in puppy-dog "wuv" with some woman he just met and barely knows. And yet that's exactly what happened in that episode. And then by the next, she's out of sight, out of mind with the next episode writer.
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    As if a satanic-looking Martian baby doctor ever had a chance at an Emmy. *Harumpf!*
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    Unless you've seen Who Mourns for Adonais.