A question about "Turn Left"...and the Titanic

Discussion in 'Doctor Who' started by gastrof, Jan 12, 2013.

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    Right, because when half of an entire country is flooded with so much radiation that it has to be evacuated and/or its residents all die, then that's completely different from being "wiped out." :rolleyes:
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    I don't recall saying that it was completely different, only that the obvious implication of your attempt to correct The Borgified Corpse was inaccurate. Which it was. Sarcasm and a rolleyes emoticon won't change that, I'm afraid. :)
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    Stepping back a bit, I was thinking that the bunch on the Titanic were from a similar outfit as the tourists from "Delta and the Bannermen". In that serial, the Seventh Doctor and Mel hitch a ride with a group of aliens going on a tour to Disneyland in 1959. The aliens are actually purple tentacle monsters (ish) that we actually see, but transform themselves to look human, and likewise time-travel to Earth in a space cruiser designed to look like a bus from the 1950s.

    While Doctor Who is replete with human-looking aliens, I don't see why some of them don't just change themselves accordingly when they drop by. Some like Banakafalatta would avoid the process (lest he be revealed as a cyborg) but everyone else would make a temporary switch so those puny Earthlings don't think they're being invaded AGAIN or something.

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    It never really jumped out at me as an issue. I just thought that they (the passengers) must just look human.

    Of course the married couple's notion of fancy dress (purple cowboy gear) makes me giggle everytime. Are we then to suppose they thought "Earth theme"?
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