A Possible Solution To The Border Wall Issue

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  1. Dryson

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    Apr 13, 2014
    When the nation of America was formed, this...was a promise for the future.
    A few years ago I sent George Noory a dream about a white pyramid far off in the distance with a road leading to it that was paralleled by two forests.
    I had crashed on the planet in a escape container and met one of the aliens before he vanished. He looked like an Engineer.
    This is what the dream meant.
    Walls are worthless they always have been and will always will be ...they do nothing. If there has to be a wall then there has too be a door, a portal.
    A Window however lets a glimpse of a better life for people to see and work hard to achieve.
    A wall around a castle has to have a door. The border wall should be no different.
    A border wall built the following way is the best way to go.
    First build sections of the wall from the iron piles to another section of iron piles using bullet proof glass that are not able to be broken.
    Within the bullet proof glass panels will be Thermal Electric Generators that will generate electrical power based on the heat that they produce that will then be used to power other systems.
    A portal if you will....a time portal that will bring those from South of the Border into the center of a change in their lives, their reality, their very being. As they grow closer to the central portal at the border the effect of the time change will wash away their fears and hopelessness. Once at the center of the portal and they have passed their citizenship tests for entrance into the U.S. the old world that they were used too will be "Booshed Away" never too return...unless. Once they step into the portal the process of their new reality will start to take shape that within the center of time anything is possible as they step onto American soil for the first time to head out in many different directions.
    Two spheres of reality coming into a tangent connection with each other, time at the center that will energize the entire border wall to draw people to its focal point at the center.
    Once they pass through the portal the exit point will remind them not to do the things that did before coming through the portal, lest all of those bad things come into the portal after them to haunt them forever.
    When citizens come through the portal from South of the Border they will be reminded of how their civilians paved the roads, their sacbeobs, not the "white way" but the way of enlightenment that leads to the Great Portal or the Great Sacbe and then onto other sacbeobs
    The Butterfly Effect if you will.
    This portal will also ensure enemies from other countries trying to gain access through the portal will have their reality changed.
    This portal will also ensure that nations look the U.S. for help instead of nations looking to bring the U.S. down.
    This portal will also be a reminder to all nations looking to bring America...the United Continent of Americas...will not succeed.
    This portal will satisfy those wanting a border wall too keep crime out but want the citizens South of the Border to come in legally which will start their process of phasing through the portal.
    Because like all castle walls with a door that same door also becomes a sharp portcullis through which they cannot get through.
    All humans are grains of sands in space-time,
    Floating in all directions
    At the center of time finding the portal
    They step through the gate into a new reality
    A reality that will transcend a legendary status.
    Because when God phucks things up its always a human who has to make it right.
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    What did I just read???

    I think we’re done here.
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