A Meditation on Vulcan Meditation

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    This is a little something I've thrown together for a friend of mine who does 'Learn Vulcan' language videos that sort of cross over into ASMR territory.

    Just a background, really. Something meant to compliment the calming audio content of the actual lessons. Very much modelled after the version of the caves seen in Voyager when Tuvok is flashing back to his childhood that lives in my head.

    It’s mostly rocks and textures from the Quixel Megascans library, along with maybe one from Poliigon. Photoscanned rocks are just the best for injecting realism. Though the character there does an equally good job of sucking said realism out.
    Her hood and robe were created in Marvellous Designer in about 5 minutes. Love that suite.

    Tis rendered in blender 2.81's eevee engine, at about 40~ seconds a frame.
    I used said engine to include some volumetric ‘god rays’ to give the scene some atmosphere, as it were. Some little dust particles floating in and out of focus were also added to enhance that particular aspect.
    Interestingly, of all the components that add to the total per-frame time, it’s the depth of field that adds the most. Evidently lots of processing goes into it..

    I also had a little fun in Topaz Studio 2. AI photo processing really is going to change things rapidly.
    I'd have run the whole video through it just to see what it looks like, but TS2 doesn't yet have batch processing.




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