A gay character and other potential ST3 tidbits

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    How about "The Emperor's New Cloak"? Not only does Mirror Ezri and Mirror Kira kiss on screen, but that not-so-subtle hint of attraction between Mirror Ezri and Mirror Leeta at the end certainly does more to include gay/bisexual characters than anything this NuTrek has done.
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    I'm sure everyone can attest to the fact that all this points about Uhura doing stuff in the previous movie I've argued almost as long as I've been on this forum. She's not promoted to chief communications officer, she just relieved an officer only had to try listening in in order to keep his station. Figuring out that Klingon signal may be nice, but in no way does the film show her thinking it was anything important outside of dorm room chatter. She's there for Kirk's benefit. And I still say she slowed Spock down in rescuing the Vulcan council and his family that lead to his mother's death. If only he had two extra seconds.

    So a scene between a serious Spock and a playful Uhura is nothing compared to Uhura stabbing Klingons in the balls. Forgive me if I don't share your idea of low bar standards, but it takes more to make a character like Uhura interesting than having her be an action girl who also happens to be one of the lead male character's girlfriend. Yeah, she can shoot bad guys, but so can anyone else.
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    Care to share with us where you took this information from?
    and, lol, are you actually saying that she's not the chief communications officer? ....

    with all due respect here, and I get that you despise her, but you're reaching now.

    and I can't believe you're even blaming her for the death of his mother. :wtf: It's crazy. Aside from the fact that asking the acting captain why he's abandoning his post and the ship is a legit question that any officer there had the right to make. Aside from the fact that Spock is the one who chose to reply to her. Aside from the fact that Kirk also asked him what the heck he wanted to do and using your logic he slowed Spock down too. Only difference being that he gave more attention to his girlfriend but didn't care to give Kirk or others any explanation whatsoever for his behavior and this further shows that if he replied to Uhura and slowed down by those 'two precious seconds' it's because he wanted to.
    Also, after those 'two extra seconds with Uhura' why it took Spock so long to reach the transport pad anyway? What he did in between those scenes that slowed him down so much? It took him longer, off screen, to get there than the S/U interaction in total. Using your logic, he's then responsible of his mother's death because it took him too long to reach the transport bay, for whatever reason that has nothing to do with his previous interaction with Uhura that had already happened.

    Are you also blaming poor Chekov because he wasn't fast enough and he 'couldn't do zat' for Amanda the way he did for Kirk and Sulu when he saved them?
    And what to say about Sarek? Was his decision to go to the katric instead of, IDK, take a shuttle and leave the damn place and planet the most wise choice to protect his wife? Or is him responsible for her death and because their son had to beam down, putting himself in danger too, to smack some sense into them and take them out of there?
    For such a logical race, the choice of those vulcans was well, pretty illogical.
    Spock asked Uhura to alert the vulcans so they knew that their planet had minutes left. Why the heck they went to the katric ark instead of leaving the place? Was Sarek ready to die and take his wife with him? Is that the reason why Spock panicked? Because he knew that some vulcans, including his father, wouldn't try to save themselves?

    and you're blaming Uhura because she asked her captain why he was abandoning the ship in the middle of a crisis? When Spock shouldn't even need to leave the damn ship, in the first place, had his parents and the other vulcans there been a tad more logical like they claim to be.
    Not even taking into consideration the fact that you're talking about two people who have feelings for one another and they can't even possibly say goodbye in that scene. Yet, you still complain for their dignified interaction and you expect them to just ignore each other when they both knew he could have died trying to save his parents?
    Also, for all the claims I often read that the Spock/Uhura relationship came out of nowhere in the turbolift scene and that the writers should have provided more clues previously, I find it curious that, yet, all the clues they obviously put prior that scene that these two were, in fact, close, either get ignored or are dismissed for being unnecessary for the narrative and the characters.

    I wonder if you're one of those who also believes she forced herself on him later when HE - as per script - kissed her on that transport pad and put his hand on her butt. :guffaw: Wouldn't surprise me if you did...

    Again, not sure if the writers are really the problem here... or if perhaps it's just your own biases against the character displayed by your nitpicking everything related to her. Not to mention your obvious double standard and possible sexism. I mean, it is a bit telling to me that of all these characters you single out the only female character in a crew of dudes where, judging by your standards for Uhura, I struggle to believe you can like them or find them that useful for the plot or well developed and professional.
    It's also not a wonder to me that you seem to prefer Tos Uhura who was, on Nichelle Nichols own admission and complain, a very underdeveloped character due to the context of a show from the 60s where sexism and racism were rampant. Nichelle literally didn't even have a contract like the other cast members and she almost left the show because her lines kept getting cut (part of the blame also goes to Shatner who, allegedly - but confirmed by George Takei too -, stole lines and camera focus from the secondary characters)

    I just think about Nichelle Uhura using a dictionary to speak klingon or her doing, as her only contribution to a mission, a nude fandance to distract some guys. I think about how Nichelle made her a linguist but it was never really showed in canon before the reboot, same for her first name.
    I think about a female character, tos Uhura, who was never allowed to be a love interest because she's black and thus any romantic interaction had to be forced and she had her agency taken from her
    e.g., the Kirk/Uhura kiss from the series as well as that Scotty/Uhura thing from STV when she's under Sybok's influence and then the writers pretend it never happened. The novelization and comics being the only sources that gave to that plot an explanation and closure (in that Scotty was just a friend and what Sybok manipulated and took advantage of was the fact that she felt damn alone and a part of her regretted having focused her whole existence on her career only when she could have tried to have both that and a family)

    to see someone who proposes tos Uhura as better developed and nitpicks about reboot Uhura seems, honestly, a joke to me. I have to question if you cared about the character that much (and if you didn't it would be totally fine, I'm just criticizing, eventually, the way you seem to disguise it as other stuff)
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