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    Apr 23, 2017

    I'd like to start this posting by first thanking everybody who has posted, reposted or directed us towards blueprints. But I'm going to ask what me sound like a very... anal question. Does anybody have or know there I can get "cleaned up" blueprint scans? What I mean by this is primarily scans that are hi-res enough to actually read the construction dimensions and flattened out(not just unfolded). I'm looking for blueprints that I can use to actually build off of and trace off of. The ones I am specifically looking for are:

    All the TOS Enterprise sets, someday before I die I'd like to build a complete CG Enterprise, inside and out.

    The Enterprise A bridge (ST 5 and 6 version), specifically the helm-navigation console and the side consoles.

    The Enterprise D conn and ops consoles and chairs.

    I'm amazed the Okuda's didn't scan all these blueprints before the Christie's auction. I'd think Paramount would have made a killing selling discs of the blueprints and all the graphic art and all the CG models. I know I'd pay for them.