51 years ago tonight

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    This happened:

    Will never forget sitting on the floor of my great-grandparent's living room watching this unfold. Possibly one of my clearest childhood memories.
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    Pretty cool.
    I like how Armstrong immediate went on to describe the physical properties of the surface while the commentator was totally focused on getting that rehearsed quote right. :)

    (does anyone else feel a mysterious urge to execute some aliens on sight, too, now?
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    Houston, we have a problem...
    And it was on one of these awesome machines that they set off on that mission!

    Turn up the bass to 11...
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    Mar 22, 2010
    There is a new companion book on the miniseries From The Earth To The Moon
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    we were at this camping are it was right next to the beach in Maryland in our vw camper that had like flower decals on the rv all over there were a bunch of other people camping in this are of like sandy beach like ground and we had a small bw tv hooked to some kind of electricity with rabbit ear antennas going on-- just in side the van rv and it was kinda clear and such we were like wow they are on the moon I was very young 5 years old :)
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