38 minutes of the film in Brasil - SPOILERS!

Discussion in 'Star Trek Movies: Kelvin Universe' started by ralph, Mar 7, 2013.

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    You know what? I think you are maybe right. I bet those containers seen in the trailer don't contain the Botany Bay's augments that has been widely speculated but rather they contain April's crew.
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    I didn't say it should. I was just going by your scenario and saying that if his death "pushed the hero into action," as you say, it would by its very nature not be pointless then.

    I understand completely not wanting him to die. Bruce Greenwood is a great actor who brings a lot of gravitas to the film, and Pike is a great character and mentor to Kirk. He will be missed.

    But doesn't that kind of throw your next comment out the window? While Pike is "secondary" in terms of not being one of the main TOS crew, he was arguably as important or even a more important part of the first film than some of the reimagined TOS crew were, and looks to be an integral part of the first part of this second film as well. So, he's not some cheap throwaway secondary character whose death we won't care about. His death will have meaning to both the characters (especially Kirk) and the audience.
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    Why kill of Pike? Stick him in the beep-O-matic. Hell, have "Harrison" offer to cure him, deal with the devil.
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    I bet those containers don´t contain augments, but something like volunteers (or guinea pig) of a secret scientific experiment. I remembered Resident Evil.
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    Apply this thinking to 99% of Trek and you see holes in everything :P Trek is still sticking to its 60s blueprints atm and none of this stuff was even dreamed of back then :)
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    Well Nero was arguably one the the main characters but then Star trek always throws away a villian.

    I'm not sure Pike is regarded as "main" in the first film. I'm guessing the producers think he's "old"(!) and therefore expendable.