2270-2290s Gaming Minis (Including obscure designs!)

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    Got some more!

    C9 / Accuser (Bottom right, compared to other ships)
    (This one I built over the ingame model to give it some texture and life)

    My Take: Klingon super heavy warship development continued unabated across the hostile decades of the 2270s and 90s. Learning nothing from the colossal failures and expenditures of previous ventures, the Klingons pressed on and managed to get some of their over-engineered behemoths into service. The C9 "Accuser" dreadnought was one of these rare successes. It was one of the only superships in the Klingon fleet to have enough copies to arm multiple Klingon houses.

    Development began in the 2270s but the ship didn't see service until near the end of tensions in the 2290s. C9s were recognized as more formidable opposites to the Federation Excelsior class, necessitating upgrades to the spaceframe from its original NX configuration. Compared to the earlier L24s, the C9s had a heavier photon torpedo armament and a greater capacity for troops.

    The C9s continued to serve, as many Klingon ships of the period, well into a century past their construction date. Though a few were lost to infighting between the Klingons and various adventures, most were lost due to maintenance shortfalls. By the Klingon civil war in the 2360s, the few that were still operating were destroyed or irreparably damaged in the fighting. None survived to the Dominion War.


    Kiev-Class Frigate
    My take:
    An offshoot of the Enterprise refit program, the Kiev was an image predating the Miranda-Class cruisers which would supplant it. As it was developed, the Kiev was intended to be a light cruiser and patrol ship counterpart to the Enterprise- using a slightly expanded primary hull. The resulting product was quickly downgraded to a Frigate when the capabilities of the Miranda outstripped the performance specs of the Kiev.

    Over time the Kiev class came to replace the old Capellas. Though lacking the staying power of modern cruisers, they were heavier than the Frigates and Destroyers of the era (Akula, Okinawa, Baker), and so enjoyed a niche operating as patrol vessels and escorts. Many Academy crews that trained on the Kiev were comfortable transferring to heavier cruisers.

    Though Kievs were easy on maintenance and simple to produce, they were easily replaced by newer designs across the 2340s. They continued to hang on until after the Cardassian wars, where many became spare parts or were turned into habitats. Even more became spare parts during the Dominion war to keep the Miranda fleet operational. One great misfortune about the class is that none were preserved anywhere in museums, making it a lost class.

    Wadoeg Class Tellarite Cruiser
    I had a vision extrapolating off my earlier Throg class, so I decided to make it, and designate this style as the Tellartie TMP ship look.

    My take
    : Tellartie shipbuilding seemed to take up competition where none was perceived in the 2270s. Now able to build ships of their own, the Tellarties constructed remarkable vessels to their satisfaction and proudly put them up against designs of the other Federation founding members. The Wadoeg was one such point of pride, though their performance specifications were not much out of the norm for cruisers of their size. They traded speed and science facility use in the Enterprise class for resiliency and flexibilty of systems. There were few ships like the Wadoeg in those days, or afterward.

    Nearly every Wadoeg that became noteworthy had fame following it for a time, usually out of some notoriety which garnered such fame. NCC-2344 Kadolab was one such ship, interfering in a classified operation to attack what they perceived as a traitorous Federation ship and the Klingon vessels about to receive a special operations force. In spite of this failure, Kadolab went on to adopt the botched mission and succeed in destroying a hidden Klingon observation outpost and gather the data originally the special forces team was sent to collect covertly.

    After they were formally withdrawn from Starfleet service in the 2350s, the Tellarties continued to use them on close-system patrol and state duties. It is rumored the Tellarite government managed to halt Dominion advances into their system using Wadoegs armed with quantum torpedoes siphoned from the Federation arms manufacturing plants located in-system. Even a hundred years on, the Wadoegs continue to make remarkable and bemusing marks on the history books.
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    More KLINGON ACADEMY ships please?

    Northampton had the better nacelles like Enterprise, but Chandley a stronger impulse deck.

    Maybe a new build sub-Excelsior with both?
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