#202 'Initiations'

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    #202 'Initiations'
    It felt like our 3rd time with the Kazon. We heard about them a few times now but this felt like the 2nd episode dedicated to the Kazon since the pilot. There was another episode in season 1 I forgot which one.
    And the Kazon are VOY's version of the older series' Klingons. Now we know there are 18 sects we see how they are a little varied.

    I liked seeing Chakotay being a leading man for an episode. I also like seeing Tom Paris in command while Janeway, Chakotay, and Tuvok are off the bridge. While it's not the first time it does give us a good impression of how Tom Paris' Starfleet officer training has shaped him. I think Neelix was helpful but not fully instrumental in how Paris dealt with the Kazon captain.

    I was a little surprised that Janeway didn't intervene inside the cave or Tuvok didn't use his little phaser when nobody was looking as to protect Tuvok from Kar.