“You like Lamb right Sweetpea?” “Actually no, I don’t”

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    So during the dinner scene of Titanic Cal asks Rose “You like Lamb right sweetpea” to which she smiles and nods even though she obviously didn’t want it. I know it’s the role she was required to play but what if it went:

    “You like Lamb right sweetpea?”
    “Actually no”

    So Cal calls the waiter back and changes the orde, Cal then says:
    “Sorry if I’m a bit controlling, I’m glad we sorted this out now before it became a real problem”

    They then stay together, she prevents his suicide during the 20s crash and the grow old together.
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    Your imaginary scenario probably played out way more often than not back then in the type relationship Cal and Rose had.

    Cal has to be one of the most obnoxious characters to ever grace a movie screen. Beautifully rendered by Billy Zane, he was the perfect mix of white male privilege, elitism, and self centered douchebaggery. The first time I saw the movie my biggest fear after he didn’t drown, was that we wouldn’t find out that he still met with some untimely and horrible demise. Glad that loose end was tied up.
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    From My Big Fat Greek Wedding:
    Toula Portokalos: Ian is a vegetarian. He doesn't eat meat.
    Aunt Voula: He don't eat no meat?
    Toula: No, he doesn't eat meat.
    Aunt Voula: WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE DON'T EAT NO MEAT? Oh, that's okay. I make lamb.
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    I never figured out what happened with Cal. One minute, he's gotten into one of the boats, safe and sound (by dishonorable means). The next, he's teleported back to the sinking ship so he can be seen whacking swimmers with an oar. Just so we really know how bad he is.
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    We see the boat he was on get scuppered by the rising water. It hadn't launched yet and was pranged by a pack of panicky people.
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    Still, enough was enough. He shoots at Jack and Rose... he uses a child as a prop to save himself, then casts her aside without a thought when she becomes inconvenient... he stands on the collapsible and whacks people with an oar (didn't happen, btw, the men on the boat in question were working together under the direction of Second Officer Lightoller)... sheesh, why not just give him horns and a forked tail and be done with it?
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    Just to be absolutely sure - the men on the boat wer working together to achieve *what* under the direction of the Second Officer (to save people or protect the boat)?

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    The last of Titanic's four collapsible lifeboats was overturned before launch. A group of about 30 male passengers were standing atop it. Officer Lightoller (who had previously refused to board a boat) directed the men to shift their weight about so that the boat didn't tip. Later, one of the boats that had left the ship half full came and rescued them.

    A few men in the water were turned away because there was no more room, but as far as I know no one was physically attacked. Had any man gone nuts the way Cal did, he might well have killed them all by upsetting the boat.

    As an aside, the boats all along one side of the ship were accepting male passengers if there was room. If Cal had wanted to exit the ship, he probably could have done so. However, there was actually quite a social stigma against surviving the disaster. Several prominent men who made it off were accused of having used a shawl to disguise themselves as women (a young Irish lad from steerage actually escaped that way, which was probably the inspiration for the stories). Randall Ismay, an executive with the White Star Line, took the worst of it, even though all he did was climb into a departing lifeboat that had plenty of room.
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