“Vulcans should stick to Logic” - racist?

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is that racist?

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  1. Gov Kodos

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    Aliens are a one note plot device in Trek. It's just over simplistic writing.
  2. XCV330

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    they fixed that with the Xindi but we've never seen them again :)
  3. ToyBoxComix

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    Apr 24, 2019
    Casual racism like that seems to be a staple of Starfleet culture. But it's usually not said with malice and there's no history of oppression between these species, so it's a fairly toothless, benign sort of racism, if such a thing can exist.

    With regards to languages, you can generally assume that there's a universal translator at work unless it's explicitly not working for plot reasons. So you can never really be sure what language anyone is "really" speaking at any given time.
  4. Kor

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    I can't remember the context of this line (and we all know that context is for kings, har har). But logic isn't just something that Vulcans stereotypically have an affinity for. It is the very basis and foundation of their ideology, philosophy, society and culture. It is what they are. It's like saying "humans should stick to being carbon-based."

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